7 unforgettable sentences from Nicanor Parra

7 unforgettable sentences from Nicanor Parra

The sentences of Nicanor Parra do not speak of a poet, but of an anti-poet. He declared this himself. He was a man of letters who lived for more than a century. He never ceased to surprise with his particular way of seeing the world and expressing it.

The anti-poet was born on September 5, 1914 in San Fabián de Alico(Chile). Son of a musician, who was also a teacher at the elementary school, and a seamstress and weaver of peasant origin. He was very young stimulated to appreciate the popular art. His parents also instilled in him a strong social conscience. The latter is reflected in many sentences of Nicanor Parra.

” Neither very intelligent nor stupid. I was what I was: a mixture of vinegar and edible oil. Delicatessen of angel and beast! “

-Nicanor Parra-

He won the National Literature Award in 1969, the Queen Sofia Prize for Poetry in 2002 and the Cervantes Prize in 2011. Nicanor Parra was one of those eternal candidates for the Nobel Prize for Literature, but did not get it.He died at age 103, surrounded by loveof his readers. Here are some of the most unforgettable phrases of Nicanor Parra .

One of Nicanor Parra's sentences on statistics

Anti-poetry is characterized by breaking with traditional poetry. It uses much more bizarre subjects, structures and languages.This is'a current to demonstrate that poetry is not not always with complex language games.

Nicanor Parra's sentences are also anti-verses or anti-poesies. Here is one of them: "There are two loaves. You eat two. Me none. Consumptionaverage: one loaf per personHe refers, with irony and humor, to the contradictions of statistics applied to the social field.

The response of the oracle

One of the most explored aspects of Nicanor Parra's anti-poetry is the absurd. This is perfectly reflected in many of his antipoems and sentences. This, for example, marvelously supports the absurd: "Answer of the oracle. Whateveryou do, you will regret it” .

Here's a nice way to say that in the endno matter what happens or what we do. It will always be something imperfect and wrong to a certain extent. Doing something involves stopping doing it. Which, in a certain way, almost always induces a certain degree of repentance.

Guilt and forgiveness

Here is a superb verse. He has also become one of the most popular phrases of Nicanor Parra. He says : "Flying flowers in the moonlight I apologize right and left, but I do not plead guiltyFlowers stolen from darkness are made of light, which is why we ask for forgiveness.

The interesting thing is the second statement. He who asks for forgiveness, in any case, does not plead guilty. What a beautiful way to declare that there is no regret for what has been achieved even though we have caused damage.A statement that we act by conviction, even though we are aware that others may be affected.

Do countries exist or is it the illusion that they exist?

The political question is recurrent in the anti-poetry of Nicanor Parra.He is not exactly the defender of some cause, but rather a denouncer of the contradictions of power. His talent is anarchist ancestry: neither right nor left, but on the side of the human being and reason.

Another of Nicanor Parra's great sentences says the following: "We believe to be a country while we are hardly in reality the landscapeThis affirmation is a declaration of rejection of the politico-administrative concepts created by men.The Earth does not delimit the countries.It is the men who delimit these.There are really only landscapes.

The names of things

The antipoet also reflects on what poetry and poetics are. One of the inherent definitions of the role of the poet is beautifully expressed in this profound phrase: "The poet does not keep his word if he does not change the name of things” .

That means that poetry is above all about renaming the world and the reality. Newly christen physical and mental objects. In other words, say things in a way that has never been said. Renew the look of what exists.

So here are some of the wonderful phrases of Nicanor Parra, the anti-poet.His departure was criedin his native country and around the world. It remains, for posterity, the testimony of a man who has made the verb an authentic creation.

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