7 things my dog ​​taught me

7 things my dog ​​taught me

Some angels do not have wings. They have 4 legs, a hairy body, a pear nose, ears full of attention and an unconditional love.

Living with a dog completely changes your life. Not only is it a great responsibility, but it is also an inexhaustible source of learning and well-being.

In this article we will share with you 7 things your dog has taught you.

1- To love unconditionally

My dog ​​taught me the value of commitment and reciprocity. Thanks to my dog, I learned the value of the loyalty, which is immense, and the unconditional love, the love whatever happens and the love of "I always want you by my side because my life is infinitely better with you. "

2- To be patient and to forgive

In reality, every day he teaches me not to get upset. Life is not pink and my dog ​​knows it. However, he is able to forgive any wrongdoing or explosion and to move forward, because there is a much greater bond that unites us forever.

He understands me and knows the value of not having ulterior motives, my dog has absolute goodness and purity.

3- To live every moment intensely

He enjoys a walk, a moment of play or a meal as if it were the first or the last of his life.

He, too, has his anxieties and concerns, but he takes advantage of everything and tries to live intensely every thing. It's something like "carpe diem canine” .

In addition, he does not spend a whole day without exploring and training. During daily walks, he does not care to know where to go, he is happy to accompany me and he knows how to value these moments.

4- To adore the chaos

I love his orderly mess. In the middle of the chaos of toys and bones in the different rooms of the house, he knows where he wants and what he likes at all times.

He does not waste time organizing his things or setting priorities. Il is happy with what he has, he remembers what he has and knows how to enjoy it.

If I start picking up his toys to bring them to his basket, he follows me around the house to make sure everything is under control. We would all like to be able to live our life so organized without constantly worrying about order.

5- To enjoy the small pleasures of life

Listen to his breathing the night gives me an indescribable peace. He is near me and feels safe and loved, as much as I am by his side. It is as delicious to listen to it as to listen to the waves of the sea or the birds singing.

6- To communicate with my body

He may not understand what I'm saying, but he understands, by my gestures or the way in which I position my body in front of him, what is my emotional state or if I want to say something.

Both of us have become very adept at understanding ourselves and there is nothing that resists us. Animals are real detectors of emotions.

It is very common for those who shared their life with an animal that they had the feeling thatthey really seem to understand what we're saying.

Whether it's through what we say or how we say it, our ability to communicate and share becomes incredible. It really made me realize what I can do to convey.

7- To feel unique and irreplaceable

A dog teaches you a thousand things, gives you what you need and will follow you throughout your life. But what an animal will teach you how to love and accept being a person worthy of love.

My dog ​​made me a better person and I know he will continue to do it every day. He taught me that I can be loved with great intensity and unconditionally. But he also taught me the courage to say I love you every day and in a thousand ways.

Images courtesy of Annette Shaff and Christin Lola

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