7 strange emotions that we all experience at some point

7 strange emotions that we all experience at some point

There are common emotions that we have all experienced. Fear, when something threatens us. Anger when someone assails us or makes us feel bad. Pleasure, when we are told nice words, etc. These are everyday emotions that we all know.Appear howeversometimes weird emotions that baffle us.

It is not because they are strange emotions that they are foreign to most individuals. On the contrary.Many of us are experimenting with them. We do not explainwhere do they come from or why did they comesometimes at the wrong time.

” It seems so strange to human beings to exist that philosophical questions arise of their own accord. “

-Jostein Gaarder-

We will discuss below these strange emotions that suddenly arise and leave us with a big question mark.It was oddly impossible to give them a specific name. That's why we have to describe them rather than naming them. Here are seven of them.

1. Sudden and temporary loss of self-confidence

This is an annoying feeling thatcombines a strong sense of inferiority, shame, frustration and shyness. We suddenly feel completely incapable or useless without knowing exactly why.

We usually and familiarly illustrate this emotion as "getting small". It is this feeling of loss of self-confidence when we believe someone more competent than us in some aspects, even if we do not know how to verbalize it. It's not that we detect a threatin and of itself, but we suddenly feel very vulnerable.

2. Sadness and joy at the same time, one of the strange emotions

Another of these strange emotions occurs when the joy and sadnessinterweave. We can not say in what proportion each of them is present. We only feel that the two emotions coexist. They even make us want to cry, happiness and melancholy at the same time.

This type of sensation appears with a certain frequency when we contemplate something of extreme beauty. Perhaps a landscape or a work of art. When we perceive the sign of something bad about a beautiful and sublime object, like a beautiful flower with one of its broken or damaged petals.

3. Everything is going very fast and we are about to lose a great opportunity

This is one of the strange sensations that appear when we move from one stage to another in terms of age. This is commonly referred to as the Thirties, Midties, or Fifties crisis. The impression that time goes too fast is often present during these phases.

But not only.We also have the feeling that we "miss the opportunity of something" even if we do not know how to define it. It's as if we missed the train that has already left and will not come back. It is then that some anxiety or precipitation seems to find an opportunity to replace the loss.

4. Everything will be fine, even if it does not seem

This is one of the strange sensations that are otherwise very enjoyable. We have all lived once. One word defines it: pronoïa. This term is technical and means the exact opposite of paranoia.

This feeling allows us tolive with unusual optimism and hope. We have an internal certainty that tells us that everything will be fine. We also feel that nothing can stop us, that we are bigger and more powerful than the obstacles we anticipate.

5. A gigantic void when someone visited us and then left

It is normal for us to be sad when someone very dear visits us and then leaves.There are nevertheless times when this feeling takes superlative dimensions. Even if the person does not leave forever.

This person leaves and leaves us an unfathomable void in the soul. We sometimes feel that we will not see him again, although there is no reason to think so. The truth is thatwe take it as a definitive goodbye, which causes us to mourn. This feeling dissipates quicklyt nevertheless.

6. The urge to throw ourselves into the void when we are in a very high place

We are sometimes in a high place and suddenly we are drawn to the void. Appears thena contradictory desire to throw ourselves at the same time the fear of how we feel.

Some point out thatit's one of those strange sensations that spring from a hidden desire to "play one's life". In other words, face the danger recklessly. This sensation is known in some cultures as "the call of emptiness".

7. Give up momentarily to the care of someone who loves us

Here is another of those strange and pleasant sensations that we sometimes experience.It's a very intense desire to feel like a fragile and dependent child again. He appears when we are with someone who loves us and with whom we feel safe.

It's a desire to see the other take charge of our lives. This state is only temporary. He is nevertheless very strong when he appears. We can indeed stop thinking and surrender ourselves to each other in these wonderful moments.

These strange emotions have in common the fact that they combine several basic emotions at the same time. So that they seem strange and usually last only a short time. They are like a flash that appears and disappears when we think about it the least.

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