7 signs that prove you are a self-destructive person

7 signs that prove you are a self-destructive person

In theory, we are all looking for happiness and we act accordingly. In practice, many people do not follow this pattern. On the contrary. Without knowing why, they perform actions that hurt them. In this case, we are talking about self-destructive people.

We believe that a self-destructive person does not do so because she really wants it. They usually feel bad and can not identify the real reason. Thus, she develops behaviors that hurt her.

We all have such a facet us. However, some make this facet their integral personality. A self-destructive person is frequently punished by guilt feelings related to non-existent or imagined facts. In this way, the seven most notable characteristics of a self-destructive person are as follows.

"In the history of men, every act of destruction finds its answer, sooner or later, in an act of creation."

-Eduardo Galeano

1. A self-destructive person reacts with sadness or irritability when he or she succeeds in doing something important

Although it may seem odd, a self-destructive person feels a bottomless void when it achieves an important goal. Even though she struggled hard for that, she finally manages to experience satisfaction when she gets it.

Faced with her triumphs, she feels a certain sadness and sometimes even anger. She almost always tries to minimize her successes. She says it's silly to be happy for such an absurdity. This is a clear signal that the person is self-destructive.

2. She provokes others and then feels guilty

A self-destructive person is often confrontational. She does not know why. She can not avoid generating controversy for everything. In extreme cases, if the others say "yes", she will say "no". if they say "white", she will say "black".

In discussions with others, it is not uncommon for this person to use verbal aggression or little-considered expression. Once the turmoil is over, she feels terribly guilty of stirring up the argument. She feels guilty for what she said and how she said it.

3. She does not recognize that she feels good, even when it does

For a destructive person, nothing is enough. Her main difficulty lies in feeling satisfaction, especially for something that has been generated by her in person. It focuses more on the black spot than on the white course.

If by chance she feels good and is pointed out to her, she will feel disturbed. She will say that one is mistaken about it, will even feel worried, will look for reasons to stop feeling good and confirm one's subjective position of being unwell.

4. It does not respect the commitments that are decisive for achieving its objectives

The self-destructive person boycots himself. It is important to emphasize that she does so unconsciously. For this, she forgets crucial appointments or remains asleep when she has a significant commitment or is wrong time.

It is as though it is imperative to reject any form of well-being to which she would have access. When great opportunities are lost because of these apparent forgetfulness or distractions, she finds in this a new reason to punish herself.

5. She is inclined to sacrifice herself for others

She's not just a nice person, she's very constructive about doing things with others. However, in self-destructive people, these altruistic acts have a different meaning. They think they have to regularly go above and beyond their own needs to improve their lives with others.

These people relinquish their well-being relatively easily to others. They are able to stay without a penny to help someone or give them a more valuable object. Basically, they feel guilty for something, generally imaginary, and this excessive generosity is a way of punishing oneself and redeeming oneself.

6. She does not rise to the abuse

A self-destructive person does not know how to defend himself. In fact, she thinks she does not have the right to defend her interests. The opinion she has of herself is very poor and for this reason she thinks that she is not worth enough to waste resources to reduce her pain.

In one way or another, these people feel the right to abuse others. Destructive behaviors often start with some type of abuse at young ages. Thus, they consider this to be "normal".

7. It boycots relationships that work well

For a self-destructive person, it is difficult to bond with others. Basically, these people are convinced that they deserve neither love nor attention. Sometimes they think the same thing about friendship. They feel that because they do not appreciate each other.

If, exceptionally, they establish a good relationship with someone, they will feel weird. In them, a voice will tell them that "something is wrong". For this reason, they become capricious, obsessed and abusive. In this way, they hurt good relationships.

The self-destructive person suffers a lot and hurts others. Sometimes she is so intractable that she lives surrounded by immense solitude. Its growth opportunities are still very limited. For all this, it is a case that requires psycho-therapeutic assistance.

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