7 sentences to enjoy the day

7 sentences to enjoy the day

The Latin expression Carpe Diem literally means "seize the day" which means "enjoy the moment". So do not depreciate the moment and not let it pass as if it did not matter. It is a sort of kind mission that invites us to live the present with calm and fullness.

This expression was invented by a Roman poet named Horace. Since its creation, it has become very popular. The meaning it had was not to delay things and not to live according to the past or the future, but to make the most of the present moment.

From Roman times to the present day, expression has had a great influence. It appears in an infinity of literary works and it always maintains the essential course of locating itself in the current moment and taking advantage of it. Inspired by this deep and wise message, we brought a few sentences to enjoy the days. Here are seven of them.

"I have one day, if I know how to enjoy it, I have a treasure."

-Gabriel Mistral-

1. Do not forget to laugh

One of the most beautiful phrases to enjoy the day belongs to the famous Charlie Chaplin. It positions basic joy as the center of everything: "Never forget to smile, because the day you will not smile will be lost. “

Even in the most difficult circumstances, if we look for it, we will always find an excuse to smile. The first of these is being alive, breathing in the air, enjoying the rain or the rays of the sun, but most of all, living consciously.

2. One of the best phrases to enjoy the day

Sometimes, it is the most unknown authors who leave us the most wonderful phrases to be happy. This is the case of this one: "Give each day the opportunity to become the most beautiful day of your life“.

Although we do not know who is the author of this sentence, it is one of the most popular. This is an affirmation that calls for valuing each day to make it the best expression of life. Because every day can be the most beautiful if we are willing to consider it as well.

3. Every day is unique

One of the greatest poets in history was Walt Whitman. Few, like him, have written to happiness and joy of life. In fact, he has a poem named Carpe Diem and his own life was an exaltation of existence.

One of Walt Whitman's sentences is: "Enjoy the day. Do not let her end without allowing you to grow a little, without being a little happier, without having fuel your dreams He is absolutely right: no matter the circumstances, every day can go beyond the others, every day can go on.

4. Better not to propose anything

Humans tend to forget that death exists. Although the fact that we all die one day is an absolute truth, we often forget it. We live as if time were eternal and as if we were always going to exist.

The sentence that will be presented reminds us that life has an end. An anonymous writer wrote: "Do not make your life a rough draft, maybe you will not have time to put it back to clean This means we have to work on fewer projects and more actions.

5. The present is the most real thing

The present moment is a point of time in which we join the past we come from and the future we are building. So, the now is the most real time and the one to which we must give the most implication.

Albert Camus reminded us of this phrase: "The true generosity towards the future is to give everything to the presentThis means that what will come will depend completely on what we are doing today.

6. The best of all risks

This is one of the sentences written by Mark Zuckerberg, the genius of technology, to enjoy the time. She says "The biggest risk is not to take any. In a world that changes so quickly, the only strategy that guarantees failure is not to take risks “.

In this case, we must therefore enjoy life more intensely by overcoming our fears. We have nothing guaranteed. But if for this we avoid risk at all costs, we end up depriving ourselves of living.

7. The time ends

This sentence belongs to another genius of technology: Steve Jobs. He announced the following sentence: " If you live every day of your life as if it were the last one, one day you will be right The affirmation is above all an implacable logic.

As we know, today may be the best day of our lives, but we do not know if it can be the last. It is now emphasized that life ends and for this reason each day must be valued as if it were a life in itself.

The phrases to enjoy the day are a wake up call. Realizing that pushing things back, waiting for better conditions or wasting time is not a viable option.ide. So, enjoy everyday life because life is not infinite.

Attention, live every day of your life!

"It's your life, do what you love, and do it often If something does not please you, change it If you do not like your … Read more"
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