7 sentences that will help you to forgive

7 sentences that will help you to forgive

Forgiveness is an act of piety, but especially of liberation. For those who receive it, but especially for those who give it.This exercise of generosity with one and the other, or the others,is fundamental to maintaining emotional stabilityto close the old chapters and open new ones. It is very difficult to be good when we harbor resentment. That's why today we offer you a few sentences that will help you forgive.

It is often difficult to forgive the person who hurt us. Especially when our entrails ask us to take revenge or our actions can fuel this resentment. Even more difficult when the injury was caused by someone we love or hold in very high esteem. This is why he says that forgiving is an act of generosity. The resolution of a dialogue with oneself, face to face.

Forgiveness is therefore a sublime act. An act resulting from a processof reconciliation. This implies a new pactwhich supposes to no longer realize the behaviors at the origin of the discord. It's always worth it. For us and for others. We will share below 7 sentences that will help you to forgive.

"There is nothere is worse for the head, and therefore for the body, than fear, guilt, resentment and criticism, which makes us judge and complicit in what we do not like. “
-Facundo Cabral-

Forgiving is not easy

One of the phrases that will help you forgive emanates from Benjamin Franklin's pen. He says the following thing: "The three most difficult things in this world are: keep a secret, forgive a grievance and enjoy the time” .

Forgivenessis never easy for either side. In both cases, it requires greatness. To the one who asks for forgiveness, because he must acknowledge his mistake and commit himself not to repeat it. To him who forgives, because he demands nobility, generosity and understanding of the weaknesses of others.

Two sentences that will help you forgive

Mahatma Gandhi left legends that will help you forgive. Forgiveness was the basis of all his philosophy of life. One of these sentences states: "To forgive is the courageous value. Only one who is strong enough to forgive an offenseknow how to love” .

Gandhi associated forgiveness and love. Indeed, both love and forgiveness need strength. Martin Luther King, also said: "One who is unable to forgive is unable to loveLove always implies the ability to forgive … and forgiveness always implies the capacity to love.

Forgiveness is a blessing

William Shakespeare offers us a vision of forgiveness that reveals its significance. Forgiveness favors both the one who receives it and the one who gives it. One of his sentences says: "Thepardwe fall from the sky on the earth like a gentle rain. He is twice blessed. He blesses the one who gives it and the one who receives it” .

Whoever is able to forget the offense becomes greater by forgiving.He is able to override the sudden damage and seek peace with the other. The one who is forgiven receives this benefit, but not for free. He also grew up acknowledging his mistake and admitting that his behavior was not acceptable.

The need for forgiveness

One of the most important reasons to forgive is the fact that all human beings make mistakes. This is what reminds us of a sentence of Jacinto Benavente: "Forgiving is learned in life only when we ourselves have needed forgiveness. ". We are human and sooner or later we all need forgiveness.

There are, however, people who blame and blame themselves excessively when they make a mistake. Those who feel eternally condemned to apologize for everything they do. In this regard, Confucius said: "Forgive everything to those who do not forgive themselvesA phrase that calls for the generosity of the spirit.

By forgiving you get serenity

Demián Bucay also reminds us of the great benefit obtained by those who forgive. One of his reflections highlights the following: "After an offense, the way to regain serenity, gain freedom and psychological balance is to forgive. Only then will we heal our wound and prevent resentment from paralyzing us ” .

The last sentence is the key to his claims. Resentments have enormous strength and feed on themselves.They end up paralyzing when they are very intense and stay for a long time. They limit emotional life and prevent advancement.

It would be good to have these phrases at hand to help us forgive.Forgiveness liberates and exalts. The important thing is to do it with the heart, art and other. It is not a simple ritual to eliminate guilt.This is a stop and a challenge that should lead to the growth of everyone involved.

Psychology of forgiveness: the detachment of the grudge to allow us to advance

The psychology of forgiveness is also a form of detachment and courage. Learn more
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