7 sentences of Suzanne Powell on wisdom and love that will inspire you

7 sentences of Suzanne Powell on wisdom and love that will inspire you

Suzanne Powell's sentences are a breath for our personal development and spirituality, where we are asked for greater responsibility and greater awareness. This expert in the field of self-help and Zen philosophy gives us, with her words, a wonderful life drive. allowing us to "renew ourselves".

We all know that today, if there is something that abounds in this field – that of spiritual awakening and self-help – these are the gurus. Now, we could say, without fear of deceiving ourselves, that Suzanne Powell brings new winds and good roots from which to learn, growtake certain strategies that can help us to better manage our reality and extend ourselves from the inside out.

This Irish woman living in Madrid trained in alternative therapies devotes her life to training and gives solidarity classes through which she promotes a real change in the human being, an awakening. So, through books such as El reset colectivo (in French, "the collective reset"), it gives shape to what it calls a new ethical culture, in which each individual is able to receive and in turn spread that unconditional love with which to foster respect and a world more connected to the emotional, the spiritual.

The message that is contained in each of Suzanne Powell's sentences invites us to this, and these little touches that we let you discover in the rest of this article.

1. Suzanne Powell's Phrases About Love

"Let's love each other, because time is running out."

-Suzanne Powell-

This is one of Suzanne Powell's sentences that we find in one of her most recent books, Despertad, humanos, ha llegado la hora (In French, "Wake up, humans, it's time"). In the pages of this book remains the message that acts almost as a call to action, urgency: Suzanne Powell invites us to change the place where we position in relation to time.

We expect a future of harmony and balance, a new stage in the course of humanity in which we can drown ourselves if we act responsibly in the present moment, understanding that love is the key, that it is this psychic and spiritual tendon from which to find the sufficient strength to overcome the challenges that we still have to face.

2. Learn to forgive

"To live in peace, you have to forgive, accept and forget."

-Suzanne Powell-

Most religions, as well as Eastern philosophies, have in their theoretical corpus the figure of forgiveness, always more important. Knowing how to forgive is not only an act that improves community life, it is also a form of liberation, development and expansion.

Thus, Suzanne Powell teaches us through her personal prism the importance of this act, of this practice where forgiving is also knowing how to accept what has happened, draw lessons from this event or circumstance to advance, in feeling smoother, but also lighter.

3. Connect to discover: self-knowledge

"It is of the utmost importance to connect with ourselves to know who we are, to discover the relationship we have with our surroundings, and to be aware of where we are going. accumulate diplomas, first and foremost you must find out who you are in your heart. "

-Suzanne Powell-

This is a sentence of Suzanne Powell which, without a doubt, is worth remembering every day. Often, we spend a large part of our life training ourselves professionally. We accumulate diplomas, the technical and even psychological skills that enable us to be more productive in our professional environments.

Gold, in reality, none of these strategies will provoke our happiness or even our personal development if we do not first go through this door: that of self-knowledge. Knowing how to connect with oneself is the gateway that will really lead us to what we want, to what we really want to achieve in our lives knowing where our limits and our real needs are.

4. What is Zen really?

"Being Zen means knowing what you think, knowing what you say and knowing how to act throughout the 24 hours of the day."

-Suzanne Powell-

When we think of Zen, it is common that we come to mind everything that is related to its cultural aspect, as can be the martial arts, interior design and gardens, etc. Suzanne Powell is a great reference in this field.In addition to being the president of the Zen Foundation in Spain and collaborating with different causes of solidarity, she conveys the true essence of this Buddhist approach that can help us improve our lives.

Zen is the well-being, the balance for the mind and the body. To be Zen is to adopt a correct approach and a sense of responsibility to generate the right changes. Suzanne Powell offers us for example to learn to breathe, and to activate these "Zen points" with which to balance our chakras.

5. Be patient, be optimistic

"If you do not understand something, accept your situation with joy by asking why things happened that way."

-Suzanne Powell-

In a hasty world where immediacy devours everything and where, often, we are characterized by having the same tolerance for frustration as a 5-year-old, learning to be patient is as important as breathe.

This is probably one of Suzanne Powell's most interesting phrases, where it invites us not only to know how to accept certain situations, those which sometimes take us from course, in an anti-chambere of uncertaintybut also to know how to tolerate these moments with optimism and confidence.

6. Be the best example

"Judge no one to be judged, do not hurt anyone to avoid being hurt, and be an example to others."

-Suzanne Powell-

How to deny it? We do it almost without realizing it; our mind quickly judges the behaviors, the words, the acts, the people we know and, above all, the ones we do not know. We judge because we need to establish a mental map that can allow us to evolve in our surroundings and our environment, a map categorized and with corresponding labels.

What is this for? Suzanne Powell is well aware, with this type of behavior, where some people hurt themselves and others make the blows, where the bad acts are given and receive themselves, the only thing that one manages to do is to consolidate a world of selfishness. Nothing grows up in this environment, humanity does not advance by putting on the front of the others simple labels that one could rewrite, profile or humanize. If we are destined to reach a future with greater harmony, we must begin with ourselves: being the best example.

7. Take advantage of the present moment

"Enjoy the present, be yourself every moment and under all circumstances."

-Suzanne Powell-

Taking advantage of the present moment, it is undoubtedly one of the most recurrent and most used sentences of our days. But are we really applying this principle, this pillar of personal development?

The truth is, no, not always. We do it because we drag an excess of past and an excess of anguish on the future. With this approach, the present does not fade. Therefore, we are dealing with one of Suzanne Powell's most valuable sentences: appreciate the present, being ourselves with responsibility.

To conclude, it is important to remember that it is not enough to think and empathize with this series of ideas; we must act, try to apply all these tips in a real way, felt and experienced each of these aspects to create a reality much closer, more loving and more generous.

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