7 sentences from Oscar Wilde that will inspire you

7 sentences from Oscar Wilde that will inspire you

Oscar Wilde is characterized by a biting humor. He was convinced that people were not listening. He said that one day he arrived late for a party and that he had told the host, as an excuse, that he "had to bury his aunt whom he had just killed". The host of the party had replied: "It does not matter, the important thing is that you came".

Oscar Wilde was the son of a writer and surgeon, and became famous for his plays, including The importance of being constant, and the only novel he wrote, The portrait of Dorian Gray. He is also known for the sentences he said, which illustrated his way of thinking. We will mention some of them here.

Live life to the full

"I wrote when I did not know life, doctor. Now that I understand the meaning of existence, I do not have to write anymore. Life can not be written; it can only be lived. "

At the time of Oscar Wilde, there were distractions but today they have multiplied widely. It's not uncommon to see someone walking down the street on the screen of his phone, like he's a zombie who does not look and see anything around him. We are not able to look up and observe life.

Life can not be written or seen on a computer or phone screen. Life is what we touch, what we feel, what we feel when we see the real world.

The importance of knowing how to go wrong

"Experience is the name we give to our mistakes."

Throughout our lives, we make many mistakes and it is precisely from these mistakes that we must learn what should not happen again. These lessons that life gives us are what we call experience.

The real strength of any person lies in the learning of each experience, whether positive or negative. Get up every time that life makes us fall and do it with dreams of future full head, refusing this idea that the past would be the best premonitor of what remains to come …

The rules of writing by Oscar Wilde

"There are only two rules of writing: having something to say and saying it."

Oscar Wilde has written a multitude of theatrical works, stories, poems and finally he has found that the important thing is to have something to say and say it, simply. Many writers have thought of countless rules for writing, and others have followed or invented, in their turn, their own rules.

In reality, when one writes or stumbles in life, only two things are important: to have an idea and put it into practice. We can read rules, follow them, apply them, but the key is to encourage creativity, the generation of ideas and the implementation of each of them. The dreams are pretty but it is fundamental to have the courage to realize them.

Love the most important person in your life

"To love oneself is the beginning of an idyll that will last a lifetime."

Self-esteem, loving oneself, is the foundation of a healthy life. It's obvious that the opinions of others affect us and we say negative things to ourselves. It is important to set a limit and reflect on all the beautiful things in our lives.

Stop for a moment and think about what you say to yourself each day. Change these "I can not" by "I'm going to do it". The will is the first step to do what you want. Do not allow your mind to tell you negative things, do not put barriers to your own existence.

Celebrate the success of your friends

"Anyone can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend's success."

We live in a society where envy for the success of others prevails. Many people act deceitfully and say that they are happy that others are doing well but are not able to accept success and to rejoice for someone else because inside, envy is eating them up .

Oscar Wilde was a character of his time. He was born into a fairly rich family and lived a comfortable life. But at one point in his life, he made a mistake and was jailed for two years. When he left prison, he moved to Paris, changed his name and died at age 46 in total misery.

Learn to sincerely rejoice in the successes of your friends. The sensitivity that this honesty demands is necessary to have healthy and lasting relationships with other people. Look for people who are happy about your achievements and who sincerely celebrate with you.

Take action now!

"When we discover the rules that govern life, we realize that the man of action is more enthusiastic than the dreamer."

We spend a lot of time dreaming, thinking about what we want to do and daily tasks absorb us. Thus, we lose our enthusiasm and we move away more and more from our dreams. We do nothing to reach them, to get out of our comfort zone and take risks.

Oscar Wilde was a dreamer, but it's not enough to put in the dough. Find what you are passionate about and make something important in your life. We will only live once and the time is limited so get started in your passion and enjoy as much as you can. Every minute, every beat.

Follow your heart and splurge

"The world has been made by fools for the wise to live there."

In life, you have to do crazy things, you have to follow your heart and your intuition. Your heart already knows what you want, and even if your mind refuses it, listen to its beats. Remember that people who have achieved great things in the history of mankind have been considered foolish in their day.

If you want to take a trip, do it. If you want to kiss someone who attracts you, do it. If you do not like your job, quit and look for another one. If you want to paint paintings, buy a canvas and paint, and paint. It's your life, no one will live it for you and no one will give it back to you one day for you to relive it.

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