7 quotes from Albert Camus that invite reflection

7 quotes from Albert Camus that invite reflection

Most quotes from Albert Camus show his rebellious and libertarian spirit, which characterized him from an early age. This writer, born in French Algeria in 1913, was one of the most remarkable novelists, journalists and philosophers of the twentieth century.

Camus lost his father before the age of one because of the war. He grew up in deep poverty and was able to study through a scholarship awarded to children of fallen veterans. However, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature at the age of 44.

"All the specialists of passion tell us: there is no eternal love but thwarted, there is no passion without struggle."

-Albert Camus-

The influence of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche is reflected in many quotations from Albert Camus. However, Camus defines himself as anarchist. In his thought and his work, the central theme is the absurdity of existence. Here are some small samples of his thought.

1. To love and to be loved

One of Albert Camus's quotes on love says: "There is only bad luck to not being loved: there is misfortune not to loveHe speaks of love as an active quality of the subject.

Camus was convinced of freedom and autonomy. It is not surprising to see this focus on love. He stresses the importance of being subject, rather than object, of a feeling, of a reality.

2. Walk alongside another

This is one of Albert Camus's quotes that has been repeated most often over time. He says : "Do not walk in front of me, I may not follow you. Do not walk behind me, I may not guide you. Walk with me and be my friend. “

In addition to talking about friendship, what he does in this sentence is a critique of power relations. It is a rejection of hierarchies and vertical links. Camus was an independent leftist thinker who always lamented the different forms of power.

3. One of Albert Camus's quotes on success

The theme of success is not one of the most common in Camus' work. In fact, his thought is considered "absurd". He thought that existence was fundamentally a failure because of his lack of meaning.

Yet one of Albert Camus's quotes says this: "Success is easy to achieve. The hard part is the meritIn doing so, he contrasts with the concept of success as a great victory and instead places it in the realm of ethics, merit.

4. In the heart of winter

Camus had a difficult childhood, mainly because of the immense poverty in which he lived. However, he had the great chance to discover the world of books, thanks to his teacher Louis Germain. He thanked him so much for his teachings that he devoted part of his speech to accept the Nobel Prize.

One of Albert Camus' most popular phrases speaks of his desire to resist and overcome adversity. He says : "In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was an invincible summer in me” .

5. About sadness

Sadness was a recurring theme among novelists and philosophers of the 20th century. Camus was no exception. In this respect, he wrote this lucid sentence: "The sad ones have two reasons to be: they ignore or they hope” .

Although it is the absence of meaning, this sentence is a rejection of sadness. In saying that she is born of ignorance and despair, she also implicitly points out that knowledge and waiting move us away from melancholy.

6. Be normal

Many of Albert Camus's sentences are ironic and funny. This does not detract from its enormous depth, but it shows that he was a genius who in no way lost the humility that characterized him.

One of his sentences says: "Nobody realizes that some people are spending huge energy just to be normalIn a nutshell, it is a brutal rejection of the idea of ​​normalizing behavior.

7. The beginning of the big actions

Albert Camus was one of several great causes. Among them, the French resistance to the Germans during the Second World War. He always had his pen sharpened to question the various powers and their abuses.

Perhaps Camus was basically a disillusioned great idealist. Someone who has never stopped hoping. This is reflected in one of his sentences: "All great deeds and great thoughts have a derisory beginning” .

The work of Albert Camus is one of those that will remain in the memory of humanity for many centuries. The intelligence and sensitivity with which he has unveiled many human realities have a universal character. A writer full of creativity and elegance, who never goes out of style.

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