7 phrases of encouragement for difficult moments

7 phrases of encouragement for difficult moments

We all need, from time to time, to read supportive sentences.As strong as we are, there are always circumstances in which everything seems dark and without the slightest escape. At these times, it is necessary to find those words that give us back faith and make us believe in life again.

Encouragement phrases are like nutrients for those forces that we carry within us but sometimes fall asleep.It's normal. We are not machines and, in the face of adversity, we can not react like robots. We need time to assimilate the bad times, to resituate ourselves and then continue to move forward.

"Opposition is a natural part of life, just as we develop our muscles by lifting weights, we develop our character by overcoming challenges and adversities."

-Stephen R Covey-

It is precisely during these difficult moments that supportive sentences acquire a greater meaning.They help us to go back in the right direction and regain confidence in what we can do. Here are seven sentences that are always good to have on hand and that you can consult if you feel that you are losing hope.

1. Phrases of encouragement to remember that nothing is impossible

Here is one of the most beautiful phrases of encouragement written by Nelson Mandela. He says the following thing:"It always seems impossible until we do it."It is a simple statement that contains a whole universe of meaning. Especially because it was pronounced by this very special person.

Nelson Mandela is the perfect example to show that nothing is impossible.He spent thirty years of his life in prison and, on his release, did everything to change the reality of his country. What was impossible for many has finally become real.

2. Our own strength

We all have tremendous inner strength. However, we are not all aware of it.Perhaps because we have not seen it yet, because we refuse to see it or because we are going through a difficult time that prevents us from seeing that we are able to do everything, contrary to what we can believe.

This is what Benjamin Jonson explains to us through one of his phrases of encouragement. He writes:"He who has not faced adversity does not know his own strength."

3. To be happy at all times

We sometimes tend to think that happiness is in a specific place and that when we get there, we will feel it.This place can be that of a material success, a wonderful love or simply a change of circumstances. However, seeing things this way is a mistake.

Jim Rohn says the following:” Learn to be happy with what you have while you are looking for everything you want.This means that happiness should not be postponed. It's a feeling that comes from within and that does not depend on what we are successful at doing or not.

4. The affection is worth gold

Very often, what gives us hope and motivates us to move forward is none other than the affection of the people around us.During difficult times, this affection acquires a great value. It is like a balm that allows us to recover and continue to move forward.

This truth is found in a sentence of Albert Schweitzer which points out:"Sometimes, our light goes out, but then it is lit again through an instantaneous flame thanks to our meeting with another human being".A hug or soft word can bring us back light and clarity.

5. Continue, always continue

One of the oldest phrases of encouragement was written by Confucius, who said:"It does not matter if you move slowly, as long as you do not stop."This is categorical information that contains a huge truth. The only possible instruction is to continue, whatever happens.

If we think about it carefully, nothing we achieve quickly is really solid.The most precious and real things in life are built step by step. And sometimes against all circumstances.This is where we have to stand and not fall down.

6. There is always something to do

Thomas Alva Edison tells us:"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: no, you have not exhausted them all."Edison is precisely one of the greatest examples of perseverance. He had the same experience a thousand times until it worked.

Edison's sentenceis one of those phrases that invite us to look for new paths when we have the impression of no longer seeing them.It also invites us to create, to constantly imagine new possible solutions, even if things seem extremely difficult.

7. Our thoughts are responsible for everything

Thinking is one of the decisive aspects of life. Everything that happens to us depends on what is in our mind.Reality is built first in our mind and then takes a real form.

On this subject, James Allen writes:"Today, you are where your thoughts have brought you, tomorrow you will be where your thoughts have come from."He is absolutely right. Our reality will be built according to what is in our mind.

All these phrases of encouragement are a powerful weapon when we are going through difficult times.Their power is to remind us that we can perfectly be happy. That we can achieve everything we want. And that continuing to move forward is worth it.

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