7 times when it's better to shut up

7 moments in which it's better to shut up

Do you feel that you have blundered talking too much? It has all happened to us more than once, unintentionally.

It is possible that it was a joke that spoiled a special moment or comment "unimportant". It is true that sometimes, it is better to keep quiet to avoid certain problems.

We will give you some examples of situations in which it is better to listen than to speak. In addition, when you are in silence, you listen better to what others are saying.

Often, if you are out of the conversation, you can get to know the people who are involved, because you can observe their actions and their way of expressing themselves.

If you stay silent, you will probably get more benefits than trouble.

When others are commuting

People love gossip! It may sound distracting and even fun but do not fall into the trap of critics. The next time someone talks about your friends or someone you know, avoid adding your comment.

Limit yourself to listening and you will learn more about who is speaking.

If you are asked for your opinion about the person being criticized, the best option is to shut up or say "I think she is doing her best".

When you are asked about your love life

"How was your date last night?" Is a common question and it is not the only one.

Know that the best is to stay evasive and keep the mystery.

The first reason is that you probably would not like your partner to answer such questions about you.

Moreover, the fact of talking about these kinds of subjects with lightness makes us look like unreliable people.

After an obvious error

It may happen that you are mistakenly accused of a fact or activity related to you. Avoid giving in to the temptation to comment that another person has made a mistake each time the opportunity arises.

Of course, you must defend yourself against all charges, but do not try to ridicule the person who made a mistake, because that would make you look pedantic.

When you are the expert

We are all expert on a subject, but spending your time shouting it under the roof is not the best option.

Even if you need others to recognize your knowledge, avoid mentioning it in contexts that have nothing to do with it.

For example, during a dinner with friends, focus on the moment you share with them. You will have the opportunity to talk about work in the office or at a dinner with your chef.

If you know a secret that might be useful

If you know that something could improve your life, your economy or any other aspect of your life, but that negatively affects someone else, do not use it.

This is a complicated situation in which you will be tempted, but that would demonstrate that you are not reliable.

If you do not know the subject

Whether with friends or at work, there is always a moment when a topic is covered that you completely ignore.

In that case, it is better to accept knowing nothing than to say something inappropriate that can highlight you.

During dicussions

Shut up. Listen. Wait. This is the time when we often say things that we regret and that we do not really think.

It is not good to talk if you are not calmed, whether in a discussion with your boss, your parents, or your family.

Wait to be calm to think clearly. At first it will be difficult to shut up, but you just need to get used to it.

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