7 keys to fight the daily stress

7 keys to fight the daily stress

Although fighting daily stress seems to be a usual "battle", we must admit that it is an ancestral defensive instinct.William Shakespeare himself was already seeking mental peace 500 years ago, claiming that"the water is calmer where it reaches its greatest depth".

However, this tool of defense of our ancestors to fight against the dangers of their world (the hyperactivity / the stress) weakens us and makes us sick. The American Academy of Family Physicians (USA) has therefore developed a series of keys to calm the mind when we have the feeling that events exceed us or threaten to do so.

The stress of today's world

The environment in which we live changes very quickly and generates changes.It is not uncommon for us to blame others for increasing pressure when, very often, we try to do more than our body and mind can handle. We drown ourselves by creating lists of requirements.

We set ourselves different plans that demand a very high return. And that ends up leading to daily stress. Chronic, in some cases.If the problem is not objectively important, there are keys to help us deal with everyday stress.

Obviously, when we can not anymore, our body starts to start strategies of self-defense.Strategies that are often wrong. How many times have we tried to go faster to lower our stress level?

When we do too much, day after day, rest is not enough to restore balance after the huge amount of energy lost. Little by little, we can feel that we have no more strength. This can lead to feelings of worry, anxiety, fear and excessive tension.Stress is not able to control everything.It is at this point that the problems arise, both physical and psychological.

"Doing something relaxing before making a big decision in your life is always a good idea."

-Paulo Coelho-

Keys to fight the daily stress

When you seem overwhelmed by everything, know thatsome tools exist to combat daily stress.We will observe the simplest ones, those cited by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Here they are:

  • To exercise : a healthy way to fight everyday stress is to play sports. We try to raise our pulsations but in a coherent way, according to our level. The stress does not appear since the activation produced has a natural goal: the work of our muscles
  • Eat healthy : junk food is one of the worst ways to fight everyday stress. If you are hungry, eat fruits and vegetables. A natural and balanced diet with five well distributed daily meals is the secret of well-being.
  • Sleep well.Remember that a good rest requires time. If we sleep well, our mind will be clearer and awake to face the daily challenges
  • Practice meditation: this relaxation technique, like others, is very useful for lowering stress levels. It relies on deep and conscious breathing, ideal for releasing tension
  • Self control: in this case, we must be aware that we can not control everything. If we recognize that many elements are beyond our capacity, we will have control of ourselves
  • It is better to solve problems one by one: without anxiety, starting with the smaller ones. It is necessary to seek solutions and, once the situation is resolved, to tackle the following
  • Realism: being realistic with our plans is necessary to combat daily stress. The more (better) we know ourselves, the more we will be aware of our abilities and limitations

"Much of the tension people feel is not due to the fact that they have too much to do, this tension exists because they do not finish what they started."

-David Allen-

Learn to fight the daily stress

Many extraordinary situations, added to the daily stress, can increase what was already a problem in itself.The loss of a job, a divorce, a move … In these specific cases, these techniques can help you, but be careful.

If these strategies do not work or reduce your stress level, and if it begins to affect your health, the best thing you can do isconsult a psychologist.Your health is at stake and no investment will be more profitable than taking care of it.

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