7 ingenious sentences by George Bernard Shaw

7 ingenious sentences by George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw's sentences are the literary traces of a great Irish writer and playwright who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These few sentences will show you his spirit of modernity.

George Bernard Shaw was also a journalist working in art critic forums in major British newspapers. Thus he distinguished himself as one of the most fervent observers of the culture of the time.

"A man who has a spirit and knows it, can always beat ten men who do not have it and do not know it."

-George Bernard Shaw-

This figure of thought has reached its fame mainly through its plays. Like Oscar Wilde, he distinguished himself with his pungent irony and elegant sense of humor. The sentences of George Bernard Shaw are therefore a treasure of wisdom. Here are 7 of them:

George Bernard Shaw writes about life

One of the recurring themes in George Bernard Shaw's sentences is life and its vices. The following sentence, for example, magnificently synthesizes his ideas about destiny, responsibility and the meaning of life. He says : "Life is not about finding you, life is about creating you."

Still concerning life, here is another pithy phrase. He writes : "Most people die with their music still unfinished". It is a reminder that we are temporarily in this world and that we should not take anything to the grave.

If you do not, let others do it

This is one of George Bernard Shaw's most interesting quotes. He says this: "People who say that this can not be done should not interrupt those who do it." This statement is found in several different variants, with the same central idea.

The phrase calls to avoid these "dream killers", who often haunt those who dare to dream and try to realize their dreams. It means, in other words, that if you do not do something to achieve what you want, at least you should respect those who do it.

We're getting old

Aging is one of those inescapable facts of life. Whether we like it or not, it is a process by which, under normal conditions, everyone must pass. What happens is that you are not always ready to live this reality.

In this respect, one of George Bernard Shaw's sentences reminds us of what age really represents. He writes : "We do not stop playing because we get older, we get older because we stop playing." So, in the game, you are eternally young.

Act and not react

All of George Bernard Shaw's sentences are spiritual and profound. However, there are some that are truly overwhelming. This is one of them: "The possibilities are many, once we decide to act and not react".

With grace and charm, he simply tells us that we are subjects and not objects of life. Indeed, subjects make decisions and direct the direction of events. Objects act only by reacting to events that others generate.

The barrier of fear

Fear is one of those monsters that hugs us and if we do not fight against it, fear will never let us go. Of course, there are reasons to be afraid, but there are also reasons to face it and to fight to be better, to live more fully.

Here is how one of George Bernard Shaw's sentences reminds us: "In this world, there is always a danger for those who are afraid of danger". This means that if we do not fight fear, it will feed us and make us see the world as dangerous.

The two tragedies of life

Sometimes we think that the great tragedy of life is not getting what we want. However, there are many situations in which we discover that this is not the case. Our desires are not always sufficient, and their satisfaction does not make us happier.

This is recalled one of the sentences of George Bernard Shaw, who says: "Life has only two tragedies, one is that you can not reach the desire of the heart, the other is to try to reach it anyway." When we reach what we want, we often face the great void that nothing else can fill us.

George Bernard Shaw is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting writers in history. All his sentences are a great contribution to the reflection on life and the world. His critical and piercing mind represents the best of universal thinking.

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