7 features that will help you detect toxic people

7 features that will help you detect toxic people

The human being is a social animal by nature. This need for exchange is not only a potential source of well-being, but it will also be the source of some of our most important learnings.

So, by the ability to observe we write our most innocent bit of way, an ability with which we begin to confront the world and make our first decisions. It will be at the origin of our evolution as a person.

However, the others do not only influence us at the beginning, nor only by their actions, they also have the ability to do it with their words.

These words can awaken our sleepy motivation or reassure us in painful moments; not to mention those words that are lies and are expressed as a weapon when we turn our backs on them or those who whisper in our ear and make us fall in love.

In short, the words we hear often have the value of sublimating us or the sadness of weakening us. Therefore, people who have the ability to use them, are also obliged to know their power and use them with the responsibility that their use requires.

Those who use them to cause harm, provoke fears, cultivate bitterness and generate tears for no purpose or to benefit themselves, are toxic people; the same ones who needlessly charge their inner being and their heart with problems, habits and negative attitudes.

They have poison in a vial they share with anyone who crosses their path, for their own relief.

We will explainhow to discover these toxic people, thanks to 7 characteristics, thus preventing them from harming us or hindering our own personal development. Discovering them in time allows us to distance them and to "observe" them as an apprenticeship to life.

What are the 7 characteristics to discover a toxic person?

1. They speak constantly and in excess of themselves, forgetting the people around them and unconsciously feeding their ego.

2. Their speech is constructed through complaints and constant pessimism.
When we meet a person who always sees the negative side of things, unconsciously our heart shows us two options: to show him that life is not based on this pessimistic vision with real examples, or flee in an emotional jostling.

3. If you have someone in your life who immediately assumes the role of victim, who claims to be constantly in the center of attention or just who does not want to go unnoticed, then you are likely to find yourself facing a toxic person.

4. Honestly, always saying that the world is against you, not stopping to analyze the situations that you generate yourself or that take place around you, is an attitude that is very similar to the previous point "make the victim".

To do so, makes you stop in the face of life, by not controlling your own life or your heart. And the most important thing is surely not to enjoy a healthy conscience.

This will mean that we will not be aware of ourselves if we have negative attitudes about the people around us, which could hurt them. If you know someone with this characteristic, try to separate from him / her.

5. It is important to realize in time what it meansenvy, jealousy and pride in people's lives and in your own life. These 3 feelings are like emotional vampires that steal the energy of others. Toxic people will focus their lives on themselves every day.

6. People who feel or live under the impulse of a toxic attitudeare not happy because their thoughts will prevent them from living in peace and harmony with others and their surroundings.

We are all responsible for how we want and want to live, and as a result we have by nature ways to change certain attitudes and enjoy more happiness in our lives.

7. The last point will lead youto reflect, to be aware, and to start a personal process.

A person who suffers and feels jealousy will not rejoice in the joys of the people she loves because internally she always lives suspended for her own lack. When you live at this level and around someone who is like that, you spend unpleasant days, emotionally speaking.

Knowing these 7 characteristics will allow you to enjoy an environment based on friends and loving people who share with you what each human being deserves: respect, support and unconditional love.

Attitudes that cause unhappiness can be corrected, broken and discardedovercoming them with will and, above all, the desire to be happy and to conquer your own happiness, sharing it with the world.

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