7 books that will make you think about today's society

7 books that will make you think about today's society

Heinrich Heine once wrote that "where books are burned, we end up burning men". Reading is really capable of raising awareness and conveying wisdom. That's why in this article we offer you a list of works that will make you think about today's society.

Among the books in the list, we will find all types of titles. From science fiction to vintage dramas. In addition, they seem to be old and eternal.Their teachings are current as well as past and are not limited to the moment when an end point has been affixed to them.

1984, by George Orwell

Let's start with the timeless and current work of George Orwell,1984. It tells the story of an absolutely totalitarian regime, which imprisons individual decision-making ability to control personal freedom.

At present, many countries have elected governments in the context of a democratic system with universal suffrage. However, as we read this book, we are confronted with a paradox: certain behaviors and psychological factors related to the distinction between slaves and all-powerful are perfectly extrapolated to these current democratic societies.Control over an individual can be exercised through power but also through the media, advertising and the impact of information.

The Portrait of Dorian GrayOscar Wilde

It has been decades since Oscar Wilde wroteThe Portrait of Dorian Gray.His postulates, on the other hand, are as present as they were in the past.

Why do human beings have this obsession to try to be young all their life?Societies look at each other so much and so critically in the mirror that sometimes we are not able to accept our true reality; we make it then custom-made in our minds.

"A community abuts itself infinitely more by regular use of repression than by occasional crime."

-Oscar Wilde-

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Truman Capote

Many of you will surely remember the mythical movieDiamonds on sofa, with Audrey Hepburn in the lead role. It is based on Truman Capote's novelBreakfast at Tiffany's.

Beyond the romanticism that many see in the work is loneliness.A series of unhappy beings who seek in social success what they can not find in their lives.However, they look more like empty carcasses unable to be happy despite what they are trying to show.

The eternal war, Joe Haldeman

Joe Haldeman was a veteran of the Vietnam War who, on his return to the United States, decided to recount his experiences in a singular piece of science fiction,The eternal war.

This book tells the story of an insignificant character who survives a 1000-year war that he does not understand. On his way he will meet love, sudden social changes, loneliness and little communication. Certainly a premonitory story of what could be considered the current society.

His Majesty of the FliesWilliam Golding

William Golding wrote a novel considered dystopian *. For this, he relied on the story of a group of teenagers who are forced to organize a new society after a nuclear disaster.

His Majesty of the Flieswonders about several things. The risk of a nuclear war that, as Einstein said, would be the ultimate great global confrontation. But he also draws thea portrait of human nature which, as refined as it may seem, remains fiercely savage and instinctive in the face of survival, or even unpredictable on certain occasions.

*Dystopian: contrary of utopian. Something dystopian would be something you do not want.

The Prophet, Gibran Khalil Gibran

It's been several years since Gibran Khalil Gibran wrote his magnificent workThe Prophet.A series of short and simple stories that offer little teaching pills.

Every story in this book is a sublime reflection on love, justice, pleasure, beliefs, human behavior, friendship, religion …In other words, themes that in today's societies are still anchored over time.

"In the heart of all winters lives a throbbing spring and, behind every night, comes a smiling dawn"

-Gibran Khalil Gibran-

The little Prince, Saint-Exupery

Whoever considersThe little Princelike a simple children's story did not read or pay attention to it. In reality, Saint-Exupéry's work is as complex and profound as the human brain itself.

The protagonist of this book travels on different planets by meeting characters who enrich it and make it grow. These characters display features that we can perfectly identify with today.It is for this reason that this book is a reflection on the society of yesterday and today, always observed from the heart.

Be certain that each of these 7 books will make you think about the current society.In each of them, you can find teachings that will make you think, feel emotions or even outrage you. But do not forget one thing, reading these works will enrich you as a person and allow you to have a more critical and objective mind about the world around you.

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