7 benefits of reading daily

7 benefits of reading daily

Today more than ever, books are objects accessible to all. We find in different formats (hard cover, soft cover, pocket, digital …). These facilitate more and more access to reading. However, how much time do we spend on it? If you do not remember the last time you read a book, something is wrong.Reading daily brings us benefits that we must not neglect.

Reading enriches us mentally, helping our brain to function optimally.But here we are referring to reading books, not magazines, newspapers or your favorite blog. It is necessary that the reading is done in a deep way. We have to connect to characters, actions and chapters. Then compare all that with the real world. We will now look at some of the reasons why you should look for a book to read on the spot.

Reading on a daily basis helps to make our brain work optimally.

Greater emotional intelligence

Reading allows us to empathize with very different characters that we follow in their adventures. Many make us feel feelings we already knew. We canput us in their place.Of course, we will apply this exercise more often in real life if we are used to reading.

Better vocabulary

This is one of the most well-known aspects of reading.Reading on a daily basis allows us to establish a connection between the words we use orally and those we read.The more we read, the more we learn vocabulary. Especially if we change literary genre.

A knowledge of the world and a general knowledge

We acquire this culture by reading everything from a chronicle to a fictional narrative. Even the most fantastic readings are full of legends, stories or other types of stories that exist in our world.Only by reading will we be able to access a host of useful or simply curious data.

A better spelling

Another benefit we know well. And that's true:reading allows us to write better.Plunging into a book is more useful than memorizing an indigestible amount of spelling rules. The more we see a written word, the more we will remember its spelling.

Less stress

Putting aside our obligations (and, above all, our concerns) to read daily is very beneficial. We offer ourselves a moment of rest and we focus on something that fascinates our mind.If we focus our attention on what is happening in the book, we will no longer be interested in our homework for a moment.

Critical Thinking

The more we read, the more problems we will encounter (in fiction, of course).This will enable us to take a stand against the conflict.Indeed, few people choose not to have a personal opinion on the latter. Moreover, during the reading, the characters will inform us of their points of view on the problem. We will be able to agree or disagree with what they say or think. And even change your opinion.

Distraction and entertainment

Today, audiovisual content is ubiquitous. However, we sometimes forget that our imagination is our best source of audiovisual production at the time of reading.Imagining how characters or places they visit is very fun. We adapt them to our tastes, our experiences and our desires.

What can we do to reach our goal?

Starting to read when we are not used to it is quite difficult. Some people have lost this habit and others have never had it. Now that we know that reading is important, we can focushow we can put it into place on a daily basis.

  • You must understand thatreading is a source of pleasure.To think that books can be amusing, captivating or revealing can be difficult if one is not used to reading. But it's important to give them a chance!
  • Try to seeeach book as a success.The positive feeling that you will have at the end of your book and the satisfaction of having finished it will make you want to read a second one.
  • Take your book wherever you go,whether in paper format or in digital format. This strategy works best when it comes to a physical book. Having a book at hand can make you want to read it on public transport or in a waiting room instead of looking at your phone.
  • Read when you need a moment of solitude.Linking habits strengthens them and makes them last longer. If we turn our moments of solitude into moments of reading, that's exactly what we will do.
  • Read what you want to read.You do not have to finish all the books you started.If you do not like a book, do not read it. Your time is precious: it's better to find a book that captivates you! Reading must be a positive experience.

Finally, it is important to understand that this process is long. We will not read frequently overnight.Starting in a simple and gradual way will help us turn this moment into a habit.So, to your books!

Reading is growing the soul

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