7 angry sentences that we should keep in mind

7 angry sentences that we should keep in mind

It is always important to have a few sentences on anger to remind us of all the damagethat this emotion can generate. Nor is it appropriate to say that we should never be angry, since it is impossible. What is possible, on the other hand, is not to be carried away by the impulse of anger and to prevent it from invading us.

Almost every sentence about anger makes us think about it. To experience it whilenot allowing him to take control and extend his power over us.The consequences are generally very negative.

" Theanger is a choice and a habit. It is a learned reaction to frustration and as a result of which we behave as we would prefer not to. In fact, deep anger is a form of madness. We are crazy when we can not control our own behavior. “

-Wayne Dyer-

Our impulses initial aggressives make their way only in the face of direct threat or frustration. It is education and teaching that leads us to moderate these reactions and turn them into channeled responses. However, we can learn at any age to manage them. Here are some of the anger phrases that can help us do this.

Anger sentences that make us wait

This has been said many times but it should be repeated: do not talk, do not do anything when you are angry. We have known this forever. That is why Seneca pronounced several centuries ago anger sentences that we must take into account. He says : "Against theanger, procrastinationThere is no better way to avoid anger than to wait before reacting.

Thomas Jefferson said something similar. His sentence states: "When you're upset count to ten before talking. If you are very angry, count to one hundred"Excellent advice that works with most annoyances.

Anger hurts us

One of the most disconcerting aspects of anger is that it aims to harm others, but ends up hurting us in a variety of ways. This is what Florence Scovel reminds us of in one of her sentences. She says : "Thecolère alters visionit poisons the blood. It is the cause of diseases and decisions that lead to disaster ".

Mark Twain states something similar when he says: "Anger is an acid that can do more damage in the container in which it is stored than in anything else in which it is spilled"Anger burns the one who feels it, it damages our thoughts and emotions, and pouring it on another can affect it, but it will affect us to a greater extent.

Anger limits us

Laurent Gounelle wrote a simple but very precise sentence on anger. He says : "Anger becomes deaf, and despair blindHe is absolutely right, our brain stops processing information when we are angry, we become deaf to the calls of reason.

This is confirmed by one of the Dalai Lama's statements on anger. He emphasizes the following: "Success and failure depend on wisdom and intelligence, which can never work properly under the influence of anger” .

This description could not be clearer.We limit our ability to assert ourselves and succeed under the influence of anger. We forget what we know and we do not reason correctly. It is impossible to obtain good results under its influence. Completely the opposite. In the end, it's like trying to escape our anger by drowning in it.

Anger is born of weakness and inferiority

The Dalai Lama is one of the most vocal thinkers against emotions such as anger. Another of his sentences says: " ThecoIt is born of fear, and the latter from a feeling of weakness or inferiority. If you have courage or determination, you will be less and less scared and therefore you will feel less frustrated and angry” .

This declaration is borrowed from wealth.It shows us that the immediate precedent of anger is fear. It is when we are in danger that anger appears. The danger can be objective or subjective. In any case, it means feeling inferior and unable to face a threat.

Anger is one of the emotions we need to work on.The goal is to prevent it from invading us, to make us say or do something by impulse. The consequences are often very harmful.Hate will take over us over time if we get into the habit of reacting aggressively. So that existence will become lonely and bitter.

Anger is a toxin for the body

We are born and already bear in us anger. Fear and pain too. These emotions come to the world with every human being, regardless of the circumstances in which … Read More "
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