6 yoga postures to calm back pain

6 yoga postures to calm back pain

A bad sleep position, an uncomfortable office chair or an inappropriate way of walkingcan easily result in a backache. If you have already experienced this problem, it is important to take care of it as soon as possible. There are yoga postures that can help you relieve the pain.

Well, but why yoga? Because this is adiscipline that, through different postures, tones our muscles and gives elasticity to our tendons.In other words, it constitutes a front against this rigidity that we can acquire, for example, when we spend several hours sitting on a chair, when we store products in different departments or when we stand up at the reception desk. hotel.

Yoga as a treatment

Yoga is a millennial technique that unites body and mind with a touch of religion and faith. However,in recent years, it has been used for the purpose of achieving a physical and mental balance,without any other transcendent pretension. We can relieve or supplement the intervention in the face of mental and physical problems through its different variants.

Although yoga is not a medical treatment and you should always start with a specialist, it is a good complement. Especially if you use it to regain the functionality of an overloaded area.It is therefore important to choose the center where we will practice and inform the instructor of our initial limitations.

With the development and proliferation of information on the Internet, we enjoy a wealth of online resources. However, even if they are free and sometimes very attractive, we must consider them with caution. Even if the person who speaks to us is a professional, this practice does not allow the latter to correct us.

Taking this into account and as initiation, there are some simple postures that can help us. We will introduce some of them and we will classify them according to the area where the pain is felt. Remember, before you start, thatthe greatest benefits are obtained when we practice them frequently. The doctor must also have declared us able to realize them. Finally, we must be able to count on the supervision of a coachform.

Practicing yoga to calm back pain provides many benefits. However, you must always practice it continuously and be supervised by a trained coach.

Yoga postures to calm a pain in the upper back

Pain in the upper back, or back pain, occurs at the level of trapezius, the angle of the scapula, back muscles …among other areas. It is usually caused by an incorrect posture of the head relative to the spine. This causes tension in this area and in the neck.

People who are sitting in offices or studentswho spend many hours at their desks are at risk.

1. The posture of the cat or cow

How is it realized? This yoga posture to calm back pain is made to contract and stretch almost all the back muscles.It is especially beneficial for pain in the backbone.It allows to stretch muscles on which we usually apply a constant tension. In other words, we use them to support weights.

To execute it, we have to get down on all fours, with our hands and knees fixed. Once placed in this position, we will move the trunk upward, rounding as much as possible the back (posture of the cat). Then we will do the opposite movement, bending the back down (cow's posture). We can repeat these movements as many times as we want but always in a controlled way.

2. The posture of the child

This is one of the simplest postures.It allows to completely relax the body and to stretch the back in a controlled way.

How is it done? Sitting on our knees, we stretch our arms forward, on the ground, firmly but loosely. If we want to stretch the intercostal muscles (between the ribs),we can pass one of the arms below the neck.

Yoga postures to calm a pain in the lower back

Pain in the lower back or low back pain (lumbar pain) occurs in the lumbar muscles.She is much more habitual than we can believe. The posture or discomfort in the sciatic nerve are causes. Whether it is a passing pain or an illness, these two postures can help us.

3. The posture of the legs against the wall

Although it may seem very simple,this posture has benefits on the circulation and on the musculature.

How to realize it? We must lie on our backs with our legs fully leaning against the wall.If we deem it necessary, we can take a pillow or a towel to help us keep the posture.It is important that the legs stay in the most vertical position possible.

4. The posture leaning forward

This yoga posture to calm back paincan be done standing or sitting. It can help us gain flexibility.But it's not about forcing or looking for our limits, especially if our muscles are not hot.

How is it realized? Whether we are standing or sitting,we must bend down to try to touch our feet and stretch the lumbar muscles as much as possible.It is essential to find a comfortable position to be able to maintain it: it is to stretch, not to overload.

Can we avoid the appearance of pain with yoga?

This thousand-year-old technique serves us not only to calm a pain already present: it can also prevent its appearance.Some postures are made to strengthen the musculature of certain muscle areas.

5. The posture of the cobra

This posture allows us to strengthen the lumbar musclesto prevent them from being affected by bad positions or sudden movements.

How to perform it? Lying on your stomach, we need to straighten our torso by exerting force with the lower back. We do not need to get up very high: we have to listen to what our back tells us.The ideal would be to repeat this posture frequently to strengthen the area.

6. The dog's posture upwards (intermediate level)

This is the most complex postures we present here. This is a variation of the cobra posture.We will need a more trained musculature to achieve it properly.

How is it done? Starting from the cobra posture, we have to straighten the torso even more and then the hips. In this way, our thighs will be slightly raised.It is important not to contract the shoulders in this posture.

In the end, if we have a strong and resistant back, we will face the pain in an optimal way.It is sometimes necessary to remember that prevention helps us for many ailments and allows us to avoid future pain.

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