6 simple meditation exercises

6 simple meditation exercises

Like energy, stress accumulates. The paradox is that when one increases, the other decreases. In addition, stress and energy can feed on many sources. For example, stress can feed on problems in different areas or simply a rhythm of life characterized by the absence of breaks. For it, we will present simple meditation exercises that can help release this tension.

In reality, meditation facilitates self-awareness. It is a millennial technique peculiar to ancient India that is very common in Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. It has become popular in the West in recent years.

Among the benefits of meditation, we can note in particular an improvement in the ability to concentrate that is the starting point for many other benefits such as improving memory. In addition, she allows physical and mental relaxation from a general point of view. It can also make us stronger against threats to our health by strengthening the immune system.

Without further introduction, let's now present a series of simple meditation exercises that we can put into practice for enjoy all its benefits.

1. Focus your attention on breathing

The first of the simple meditation exercises is also one of the easiest to incorporate into our routine. We will do it more easily if we can adopt a relaxed position with semi-open eyes.

It is also good to focus on our breathing without trying to vary the parameters. It's about perceiving the air coming in and going out. At this moment, it is common to be distracted by different thoughts. Our mission will be to ignore them until they lose their strength.

2. Countdown

This technique is extremely simple and is of great use when it comes to meditating. With your eyes closed, count back from high numbers such as 50 or 100 until you reach zero. The goal of this practice is to focus our attention on a single thought / activity. In this way, we will be able to eliminate the sensations produced by the rest of the stimulations.

3. Scan our own body

This is one of the most interesting simple meditation exercises. We only need to review the different parts of our body. For this, it is recommended to place ourselves in a place of weak stimulation. Then, we will focus our attention on all parts of our body, starting from the head to finish with the feet.

We can contract and release the different muscle groups to become aware of their presence and their movement. It is a rather attractive way to observe us and to perceive in detail the sensations of our body.

4. Observe dynamically

This exercise is based on the observation of our environment. For starters, let's adopt a comfortable position, the best is to sit with your eyes closed. We will then open them for a moment to close them again. After that, we will have to reflect on the things observed.

We will be able to think of the different sensations that we produce the stimulations that have reached us. We can enumerate them, think of their shapes and colors or the name of each object. In addition, if we realize this at home, it may be a good way to observe our home differently.

5. Meditating in motion

Another simple exercise of meditation that we can put into practice is based on the input of pleasant sensations produced by our body when it comes into motion. For this, it is recommended to be in touch with nature.

In fact, we can for example take a few steps on the beach or in the woods and so enjoy the quality of the sun on our face, the caresses of the wind or the touch of plants and water on our hands. In addition, it can be another way to make a personal observation, thinking about the movements of our body when we walk.

6. Meditate with fire

Finally, we can use fire as a symbolic element of purification to center our meditation. For this, we can focus on a campfire in nature or something more simple: the flame of a candle. This will allow us to perceive the heat sensations associated with fire and also the shadows that will project on the surrounding objects.

On the other hand, we can make a list of the negative things in our daily life and then burn it. This meaningful act that can be done in a symbolic or factual way will help us to free ourselves from our fears about what we have little control over.

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