6 sentences to reflect on excellence

6 sentences to reflect on excellence

Few concepts are as complicated to understand and integrate as that of excellence. Excellence is a wonderful word that sells a lot. But what does it really mean? What is its meaning in our life? Is aspiring for excellence tantamount to aspiring to perfectionism? Does this mean being the best or doing things the best possible every day?

In reality, it is not just an operational issue or know-how.It goes much further. This is an issue with a moral aspect that involves achieving the best performance in the given circumstances, seeking continuous improvement. For many, this is a question of quantifiable achievements, skills acquisition.But this concept continues to be much more: it reaches a spiritual level, satisfaction and personal development.

"Excellence is an art acquired through training and habit.We do not act properly because we have excellent virtues, we are virtuous because we act properly. do it in a repetitive way, so excellence is not an act but a habit. "

Excellence is not an act but a habit

Excellence is not an established or consensual level of quality or perfectionism.It's a constantly evolving dynamic, built around what we do on a daily basis. It's not so much about being perfect in something – a respectable aspiration – but about doing things the best you can every time. 

Seeking excellence in what we do requires effort and passion. Willingness and commitment to doing things right and making an effort that helps us achieve great results.

Excellence is a daily job

The search for excellence never stops, allows no break, allows no exceptions. Excellence requires daily work because it is based on our own values; those that put us to the test every day, the ones we perceive in everything we do and everything that happens. If anything is important to us, it's best to work there every day, without exception.

The motivation for optimal performance is often nurtured by a thought:there is the opportunity to make a difference.In other words, there is a significant distance between what we would be able to do with minimal effort and what we would be able to do with more dedication.

"There is no joy that lasts, in the case of a job like this, a job, any job, because we must always go somewhere else." We must get dressed to leave when traveling … (…) To excellence, you have to go see her and knock on her door, it's a daily job. "
-Arnaldo Calveyra-

The pleasure of doing things well

Building on excellence at work is one of the best ways to take advantage of it. An attitude to work based on this aspiration not only achieves good results, but is also rewarding for those who maintain it, personally and professionally.

When we know that we are doing something well, the feeling of joy that can accompany the activity is multiplied. And the more we do it, the better the results and the more we get reinforcement.

"The secret of joy at work is contained in one word: excellence, knowing how to do something like that is enjoying it."
-Pearl Buck-

Excellence is a continuous search

We are talking about a process that rarely ends as long as there is a possibility of intervention.Moreover, as we strive for excellence, our minds remain somewhat young, excited, active. Ongoing reflection: we can always improve in all areas of life, both personal and professional.

Thus, setting this personal bar high is the result of a concern to improve performance, optimize results through the resources we have.It is an external expression of inner integrity, passion and a strong sense of making a real difference.

We have the opportunity to take this attitude in every job we do. Our skills and capabilities or the resources or information we have can be limits, but it is also common for us to have good leeway. Come into play here, more than anything, passion and commitment.

"As for me, I'm looking for excellence, I do not have time to grow old."
-For Eisner-

Recognition goes hand in hand with excellence

Many people struggle to be recognized, but not all of them do it adequately. In reality,to gain recognition through excellence is the noblest way to achieve it.However, the one who gets recognition in this way generally does not consider the latter as as important as the optimal result.

Otherwise, if we do not seek excellence, it will be difficult to find.And to seek excellence means to act with excellence, always giving the best of oneself. Although it seems that excellence is very far away, it is actually interest and effort that are most valuable. Because the mere fact of wanting it and acting accordingly already brings us closer to excellence.
"If you travel the world in search of excellence, you will find excellence, if you travel the world in search of problems, you will find problems, or, as the Arab proverb says, what a piece represents bread will depend on whether you are hungry or not. "
-John Grinder-

Take advantage of every little opportunity for excellence

"[…] it is difficult to arrive by walking at too slow a pace.The winners seize the opportunities and shape them.They live as obsessed with the beautiful opportunities of each day, convinced that the only thing that spares no one, it's time. "

Tony Robbins

Choosing such an attitude involves making an investment of faith, giving the opportunity to the talent to see / identify an opportunity for improvement, it involves moving forward and looking for ways to improve every detail .This is action, no observation or reflection, although it can find its origin in the latter.

In addition, choosing and maintaining this attitude is not easy. This can sometimes be very frustrating and painful insofar as the first results are often far from the expected results. In the end, excellence becomes an exercise in intelligence and patience that rewards those who have the resilience to go beyond hardship.

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