6 sentences to live with optimism

6 sentences to live with optimism

Managing negative emotions is not always easy. Nobody taught us how to do it. In fact, we tend to compare ourselves to others and above all, not to take responsibility for what we feel. That's why the phrases to live optimistically are like a breath of fresh air on a hot summer evening of negativity.

It is certain that when we have a bad day, the last thing we want is for someone to show us the goodness of life. We prefer to lock ourselves up, stay in bed and turn and turn everything through our minds, without knowing that the only thing we do in doing so is submerging ourselves in a self-destructive whirlwind.

Enough, let's stop hurting ourselves! There are thousands of things for which it is not worth while to be thankful. We are not the only ones to have gone through bad times. Many famous people have had to struggle with problems that have come their way. They too faced thousands of obstacles, and even though they sometimes failed to overcome them, they did not lose faith. To know a little more about their history perhaps makes us realize that, possibly, we are not so different.

The value of hope and trust

"Optimism is faith that leads to success, nothing can be done without hope or trust."

-Helen Keller-

The activist and writer Helen Keller had a rather complicated life. She was deaf and blind at 9 months because of meningitis. Throughout her childhood, she has accumulated anger, pain and confusion. Fortunately, she was able to count on the help of Anne Sullivan, a blind teacher who taught her to communicate properly by having her spell the words in her hand.

Thanks to her, Helen learned to read and ended up becoming a cult and claiming young woman. She was one of the first renowned feminists, and she has fought all her life for the recognition of minority rights. Nobody is better placed than she to teach us one of the best phrases to live with optimism.

We can all choose our destiny

"The optimists are right, the pessimists too, get ready for what you are going to be."

-Harvey Mackay-

Life has multiple perspectives. It is up to us to choose one or the other to observe the world. But it is not enough to choose which path we will take, we must also prepare for it.

Much of people's success is based on their way of coping with life. It takes a lot of strokes before you can achieve the goals that we set. For this, persistence and effort are two great allies to triumph in our projects.

There is nothing possible in this life

"Impossible is a word that has its place only in the vocabulary of idiots."

-Napoleon Bonaparte-

The man who managed to invade half of the world is the author of this sentence. Courageous, bold and extremely optimistic. Only Russia has resisted Napoleon, and despite everything, he has never lost hope of conquering so many cold places.

The impossible are not only in our minds. The key is to manage our thoughts to focus on what we want to achieve. The option is not to face adversity and counter-time, but to continue despite everything.

We must not forget our goals

"He who does not run after his dreams, will not succeed in waking up."

Irish proverb

This Irish proverb of unknown origin encourages us to be creative. Dreaming and setting goals is fundamental to success in life. We must not fall in the face of conformism and routine, we must always believe in our ideas.

Those who stop doing so end up suffering psychological and physical consequences. Dare not to set limits to your coveted desires!

Never give up, even when things go wrong

"I have my own version of optimism, if I can not go through one door, I'll go through another, or I'll build a new door."


The Bengali philosopher and poet Tagore has always been famous for his glaring reflections of truths. He is the author of one of the phrases to live with optimism the most studied and used. If life refuses you something you want, do not despair. This may not be the time or the right way to do it.

We must be flexible and open-minded to other alternatives. If we throw in the towel at the first change, we will make a serious mistake that we will regret in the future, because every mistake teaches us something to continue to improve.

Optimism changes our way of seeing and facing life

"The pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity.The optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty."

-Winston Churchill-

Paying attention to the good things that life offers us is highly recommendedeven if it's easier to focus on the negative, because we're used to it. But none of the leaders of history has allowed himself to think of giving up.

Winston Churchill was one of the best known. His fight against the Hitler regime made him famous and made him a difficult Prime Minister to overcome. Today, his legacy is known around the world.

As we see, we all had bad days during which we would have liked not to be out of bed. Nevertheless, the secret lies in building strength to surpass ourselves and continue to struggle. Because there is no better hero than one who, despite the difficulties, remains at the front.

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