6 sentences from the book "The knight with rusty armor" to reflect

6 sentences from the book “The knight with rusty armor” to reflect

The sentences of the bookThe knight with rusty armoroffer us great lessons of self-knowledge.In this narrative adventure, we are witnessing this inner alchemy that we all should, in a way, live once. Few works in the world are so simple and evocative about human transformation and this attempt to be better people.

If, in this work, there is something curious and fascinating, it is of course its author.Robert Fisher was one of the best comedy writers in the world of film, theater and television.He worked for Groucho Marx, Lucille Ball or Bob Hope. This author had an exceptional trajectory in the world of writing and a wonderful art to bring us a more optimistic and constructive vision of life.

His ability to make the viewer laugh was accompanied by a great deal of thought. A reflection capable of showing us our own limits, as well as our potential.His extensive experience as a humourist and playwright has endowed him with this innate ability to awaken consciences and to make his works of personal helpan accessible, original and evocative way to facilitate our personal development.

Book's sentencesThe knight with rusty armor

The central story of this work gives us a very singular knight.We are faced with a man who is, at first sight, admirable: courageous, generous, realizing (apparently) noble actions …However, we are quickly aware of something. He is so bewitched by the brilliance of his own armor that he does not appreciate what he has.

His blindness is such that he comes to neglect what surrounds him.Unable to value anything other than his own virtues, he perceives one day something very strange: his armor stops shining, it starts to rust.Prisoner of himself, he embarks on a journey of spiritual initiation and transformation to free himself from multiple barriers. It is at this moment that he will give us great learning, through experiences and original characters.

The sentences of the bookThe knight with rusty armorare without a doubt a copy of this knowledge, of this awakening that we should all reach.

1. What's under our armor

"We are putting up barriers to protect what we think we are, and then one day we get stuck behind those barriers and we can not get out."

The knight was absolutely convinced of his kindness and generosity.However, his actions did not show such qualities and such nobility. Under his sparkling armor, there was someone who needed to shine to make up for his big deficiencies.

This character was able to fight fierce battles to deal with anything he considered evil. Nevertheless,At no time did he become aware of this enemy who was in him, of that furious dragon who was a prisoner of his authentic "me".

We wake up every day, somehow, with our own rusty armor.Those that allow us to camouflage unresolved internal realities, resistances that limit us, that extinguish our authentic being.

2. Emotional relief

"Only tears of true feelings will free you from your armor."

Recognition of our own needs and making contact with these emotions stuck in us is the first step to free us from our armor.To remove this rust and shine again, nothing better than oxygenate spaces, relieve tension, cry …

3. Become aware of what is important

"Humans have been equipped with two feet so that they do not have to stay in one place all the time, but if they want to stay quiet more often to accept and appreciate what they have, instead of always running after something else, they would certainly understand the ambition coming from the heart. "

Here is one of the sentences of the bookThe knight with rusty armorwhich should most invite us to reflection.Our knight crosses territories, countries and kingdoms to do good.He saves, defends, protects and fights (according to him) the evil. However, this character has come to feed a greater love for his armor than for his family.

His wife Juliet and his son barely occupy a place in his memory.He neglected what is really important. Therefore, let us not forget that we are all free to move, to grow and to advance but that it is necessary to become aware of our roots: of what is important.

4. The here and now

"He had never benefited from what was going on in the present, and during most of his life he had not really listened to anyone or anything." The sound of wind, rain, the sound of the water in a stream, all this had always existed but, in fact, he had never listened to them … "

To appreciate the present moment, to be receptive to what surrounds us is a way to become aware of what is truly valuable. Placing our gaze in our ego, in what we did yesterday or tomorrow, rust our armor even more.The authentic light is in the present moment, where our opportunities are and where our happiness can be realized.

5. Self-love

"The knight cried even more, understanding that if he did not love himself, he would not really be able to love other people, his need to be with them would come in. At that moment, the magician appeared and told him You will only be able to love others if you love yourself. "

There is a moment in the book where the knight can no longer resist.He has advanced so much in the woods of his unconscious that he thinks only of fleeing, of returning to his family. Later, he will realize something: he can not go back yet because he does not know how to take care of him. Someone who does not know how to take care of himself and who does not love himself can hardly love others in the way they deserve.

It is therefore our first step in any personal transformation:cultivate a healthy self-esteem, learn to value ourselves, to heal, to take care of ourselves.

6. Silence as a listening channel

"Staying silent goes beyond not talking."

Here is another sentence fromKnight with rusty armorwhich is very interesting.In this work, the knight must confront the dragon of his thoughts in the midst of solitude and the most rigorous silences.This situation is not comfortable because there are too many mental noises and, moreover, his shells are unconscious, those that prevent him from accessing his authentic being to overcome the false "me" …

To break them to discover his needs and to embrace his authentic being, here is what he will manage to do in this scene of silence.Where he has no choice but to listen.

To conclude, there is a fact that is worth commenting on about Robert Fisher, the author of the book.More than once, he explained that the idea of ​​this book appeared after several experiences close to death.Life has placed him in front of this limit at different times and, in each of them, his own voice told him: "You must not die. You still have not realized what you came to do. "

This book was his mission and his experience with him has transformed his life. He dedicated six and a half years to this work. These phrases fromKnight with rusty armorremind us thatwe also have the mission to find our goal but, before that, we must free ourselves from our armor.

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