6 questions that will help you find happiness

6 questions that will help you find happiness

"Happiness flees those who seek it, it comes only from within"

(Mahatma Gandhi)

If you were a journalist and had the opportunity to talk to yourself about happiness, what questions would you ask? Are you sure you would have all the answers?

What if we told you that it is possible to be happier just by answering a few questions? Would you do it?

If being happy means meeting certain conditions and certain parameters, then you will never reach happiness.

By making our feelings depend on something or someone else, we become dependent.

There are no perfectly ideal situations in which absolutely everything will come together for you to smile to the ears …

As the great Freddy Mercury said in his song "Show Must Go On": "Even if my makeup is flowing, the smile will not leave my face"

Really happy people are not the richest ones, nor the ones who have the least problems to manage.

Think of characters like Gandhi or Mother Teresa. Their happiness was not made of material things, but of love and compassion towards others.

We are not telling you that to reach happiness, you have to become like them, but you can always work on yourself to improve yourself and to make sure your life does not depend on external factors.

Below, you will discover the questions that will help you find happiness anywhere:

1- Do I need to be grateful? Gratitude is one of the keys to happiness. When we are well and we have the wind in our sails, saying thank you is not difficult.

On the other hand, it becomes a challenge when things go wrong and the news is not good.

At every moment, you can be grateful for something. If you can, write a list of all these things, and you'll find out.

2- What intensifies my happiness? This is one of the most difficult questions to answer.

Indeed, generally, although we know perfectly well what are the things and the people who hurt us, we have difficulties in determining what makes us happy.

Focus on what brings you satisfaction and desire to live. This is where the most authentic happiness lies!

3- What have been my progress? When we focus on our failures and all the way we have to go before we reach our goals, it's easy to get discouraged and "throw in the towel". Do your best so that it does not happen!

Look behind you only to learn the lessons you needas well as to become aware of all the things you have acquired until today.

4- Who are those who love me? We can have hundreds of contacts on social networks, get along well with our co-workers or be greeted by our neighbors, but the people who really love us can be counted on the fingers of the hand (and if you really have luck, on those with both hands).

The love of the other fills us with satisfaction. When you feel lonely or sad, think about those people who love you. They will become your strength and help you to continue.

5- Who are the ones I can help? Generally, the happiness leaves us between the fingers, like the sea water or the sand of the beach, because one thinks only of us. And the others then? Do not they deserve to be happy, too?

We do not speak to you of pure altruism, nor do we ask you to strip yourself of all your material possessions as the characters previously mentioned in this article have done.

What we suggest here is to help those around you. A simple gesture on your part can change someone's life.

If you make each other happy, then you will also be happier.

6- I dream of a better world, how can I contribute to the realization of this dream?

You have a multitude of options at your disposal, but it's not about reasoning in terms of categories, or choosing a certain idea simply because it seems the best.

It's about making sure that the contribution you choose to put in place defines you, you are passionate, gives meaning to your life, and helps you find happiness.

Perhaps you'll find it by saving whales, fighting forest pruning, recycling garbage, feeding a stray dog ​​or donating medicine for children.

Finally, do not forget that Happiness is not about having everything you want, but about knowing what you have.

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