6 benefits of having a pet

6 benefits of having a pet

They love us unconditionally, they accompany us in our troubles and our joys. Having a pet brings us quality of life, as well as multiple benefits. Taking care of them requires great responsibility, but the result compensates for the effort; whether it is a more conventional pet, such as a dog or a cat, or a more exotic animal, such as an iguana, all involve improvements in the health of their masters.

When we are with our pet, we feel accompanied, even supported, and also happier. In many cases, pets give meaning to our lives. And if we already love them unconditionally, these benefits will bring us even closer to them.

They lengthen our lives

Go out to walk your dog, it brings you an extra daily exercise ; changing the water to your colorful fish keeps your mind active. This physical or mental exercise helps keep the body active. Our blood circulation is activated and the possibility of suffering from certain diseases decreases.

They help us overcome obstacles

They also help people with psychological problemslike post-traumatic stress, to channel their emotions and make sense of their lives. Even, they can help us avoid certain diseases: the sense of smell of dogs and cats, for example, is much more developed than that of humans, and they can be the first to detect certain chemical changes in our environment. body.

Some dogs are even trained to detect symptoms of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia in diabetic patients, in order to avoid more serious problems.

They avoid the feeling of loneliness and isolation

Our pets help us overcome the feeling of loneliness for, in the first place, they keep us company. This is one of the many reasons why seniors decide to have a pet, be it a dog, a cat or a bird.

However, in addition to accompanying us, pets, such as dogs, help us socialize more, since taking care of them means taking them out regularly to walk around them and allow them to do their needs. People who have dogs end up building relationships with other people who also have dogs, since they share the same green spaces or paths.

They make us happier

Care for a pet and, therefore, seeing them healthy and happy stimulates in us the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, two hormones related to happiness and well-being. Thus, it reduces our levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which allows us to feel more peaceful.

Caressing our animals (if their anatomy allows it) is also a good remedy for sadnesssince it brings us the same benefits.

They force us to be responsible

This is one of the best reasons to take a pet for our children: it forces them to take care of a living being, which depends to a great extent on us humans. Thus, not only do children learn to bond with other species, but they also understand that they need to be concerned about their well-being. it teaches them to be more empathetic not only with other animals, but also with other people.

They strengthen our immune system

Have a pet, and especially since childhood, exposes us to allergens and rare infectious agents, thereby sensitizing our immune system. It may also allow us to reduce the possibilities of developing different types of allergies if we expose ourselves to them in the first years of our life.

This proves that animals make us happier, help us on a daily basis and are great companions in life. However, it is necessary to be aware that a pet is not a toy, or an accessory. They are living beings who need us and who depend on us.

This is why it is alarming to see the number of animal abandonments in our society, as well as the number of animals that are marketed. If, in the society in which we live, we continue to abandon animals, but also to sell them or buy them, we will endanger the lives of many of them. Adoption centers, moreover, are much more accessible, and this experience can give us the assurance that we are saving a life.

At the end of the day, many of these animals are sentient beings, who are enraptured and suffer with us. If we love them unconditionally, they will do the same for us.

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