5 yoga positions for children

5 yoga positions for children

The type of activities we target for our children is very important. Swimming, karate, theater, painting … There are many disciplines that improve their skills. You probably do not know, though, thatThe yoga positions for children are the most recommended to introduce them to the knowledge of their own inner "me".

Yoga finds was born in India more than 35 centuries ago as a form of mental and body stimulation.Europe did not know its existence until the seventeenth century when the archaeologist John Marshall found a seal with characters in positions unknown to the Western world.

There are many yoga schools today that adapt to each person.Some focus more on spiritual well-being, others on the physical. Some consider it a purely religious ritual, others as a therapeutic discipline.

There is obviously one dedicated to children.Yoga positions for children are strongly recommended. Their benefits are otherwise infinite.Besides the fact that yoga can be practiced at home, his exercises help their psychomotor development. They strengthen the spine, improve flexibility … They are a marvel!

5 yoga positions for children

It is likely that this sport / discipline / practice does not particularly attract your child's attention. This is so because he did not try it.The positions we will explain below are a clear example of how an ancestral technique can survive until today and adapt to anyone, including children:

The salvation in the sun

The child should stand with his legs open and try to lower himself at tiptoe. This is one of the most recommended yoga positions for kidsfor those who are in full initiation.

Its execution is easy. It does not usually involve significant effort for children.Make sure they do not hurt their backs, especially if they realize the movement too quickly. Many children find it fun to greet the sun quickly, but this impulsiveness can make them fall.

"I was a researcher and I still am, but I stopped looking at books and stars and began to listen to the teachings of my soul."


Lumbar flexion

The position of the lumbar flexion, or the forceps, is perfectfor the development of the flexibility of the youngest.They must sit with their legs stretched forward, and try to reach the toes of their feet. They must maintain the posture for a few seconds. Enough to gradually strengthen their joints.

The spine here plays a fundamental role. Children can give free rein to their imagination with this exercise. They may try to surpass themselves by reaching the limit we have established beforehand (the fingertips or the whole feet).

The tree

The child must imagine that he is a tree. He must stand straight andimagine that its roots cling to the ground.He must then move the plant from one of the feet to the inside of the opposite leg and keep it as long as possible.

Once stability is achieved, he must raise his arms above his head and visualize his own stability. This is'a strong tree, able to hold firmly against the wind.

The warrior

The child must bring one of the legs forward by bending it. The other must be kept tense. Once stabilized, he must theworm his arms above his head, as in the previous position.

He must visualize that he is a strong warrior when he is in this position. Nothing can oppose him. This is a great way toimprove concentration and strength. This exercise also helps to quickly improve your balance.

The cobra

The position of the "cobra" is one of the yoga positions for the most famous children. The child should simply lie on his stomach and, with the help of his hands, incorporslowly erect the upper trunk.The lower body should be kept straight and stretched.

This exercise strengthens the spine. healso helps strengthen upper joints, such as arms and hands.Children often associate this execution with the form of attack of a snake fighting with courage and pride.

Yoga is one of the most complete exercises that exist.Initiating your children from an early age will help them develop certain skills and abilities. It is obviously not appropriate to force or force them. There is indeed nothing worse for a child than to feel under pressure.

We must tell them about the benefits of this sport and the happiness they will gain from these exercises. With sincerity, honesty and smile. They will be the first to bet for their own well-being.

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