5 tips of Buddhism to deal with chaos

5 tips of Buddhism to deal with chaos

The world has never been a quiet and harmonious place. Every era, throughout history, has had its own nightmares. However,in today's world, there is such a confusion of stimuli and experiences that everything is constantly perceived as chaotic.Certain standards brought by Buddhism can, however, help us to cope with this chaos. Discover 5 tips of Buddhism!

One of the main problems of the contemporary world is that, very often, we do not have time to think.Analyzing things and meditating are still necessary practices. But we still have to do a lot of activities quickly and that takes away all our time.

"Seek simplicity in chaos and harmony in discord."

-Bruce Lee-

We need, from time to time, to build personal spaces to allow us to reflect. But we do not always know where to start.The advice of Buddhism to deal with chaos is a good guide to consider.Here are five.

1. Identify what we like

This may seem exaggerated, but it is not.Many people in this world fail to clearly identify what they like.To find ourselves and open positive spaces in our lives, we must at least be aware of what makes our heart beat.

A good idea is to make a list of all the activities you really like.Dinner with our partner, play with our pet, go out for a walk in a wood … The ideal is that the list is long. There are probably a lot of things that we like to do and we forget about the routine.

2. Stay in motion

Just as there must be time for tranquility and reflection, there must also be spaces for movement.In this case, it is not a question of the frenetic movement of everyday life but of energizing each part of our body, out of self-esteem.

One of Buddhism's tips for dealing with chaos is to practice healthy physical activity.To give time to our body, with no other goal than to mobilize it completely and to keep it in good health. Much of the emotional well-being depends on this point. A healthy body helps to have a healthy mind, and vice versa.

3. Less talk and more conversation

Part of the mess of today's world lies in one thing: we do not speak much and we chat a lot.Many daily interactions are completely trivial and superfluous. It is as if there is a mandate that commands us to be constantly in contact with anyone and without any concrete purpose.

These interactions only steal energy. They wear you out and bring you few things in return. One of the norms that Buddhism gives us to face chaos is to talk less and talk more. We must give real value to communication. You must know thatwords nourish or impoverish the spirit. We must therefore pay extreme attention to those we use.

4. Explore our creativity, a standard ofBuddhism to face chaos

Creativity is a force that renews us and leads us to see reality from another point of view.It helps to make us express ourselves, helps us to think and awakens in us the creator we all carry. It also generates a particular form of happiness because it allows us to bring out different facets of our being.

Art, crafts and games are the main ways to explore our creative side.We are entering these new territories to do research on ourselves, not to enter a competition or demonstrate anything. These are free activities that become authentic when they please and really motivate us. They are a refuge from the current chaos.

5. Keep its authenticity

We often waste too much time and energy trying to build (or maintain) an appearance. Without realizing it, we may have become too dependent on the opinion of others. This is just an asphyxiating prison. Working to get out of this conditioning that only crushes and blocks us will incredibly enrich our lives.

When you succeed in being a genuine person, you get rid of a huge weight. You will never have to make an effort to keep the image of someone you are not.The most important thing is that just being yourself brings you peace and quiet. In this state, you can more effectively deal with the most chaotic worlds.

All the Buddhist counsels to face chaos invite us to truly connect with our "selves".Turning your eyes to the most transcendent things and leaving out the superfluous points of our lives.They are an excellent way to increase our well-being and to feel the sweet flavor of internal harmony.

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