5 tips for maintaining excellent mental health

5 tips for maintaining excellent mental health

Nowadays, it is rare to meet someone who has never subscribed to a gym membership of his life. It would seem that the health of our body is very important to us, and that is more than a positive point.

However, what about our mind? Since the so-called "mental gyms" are not yet fashionable, we want to offer you in this article a series of tips that we have put together, and once put into practice will help you improve your mental abilities while slowing down aging of your brain.

Perform multitasking activities

This consists of carrying out different tasks or activities at the same time. The most common among young people is to listen to music while they study. Another equally relevant example is cooking while watching TV, or listening to the radio.

The ability to perform different tasks at a time is determined by the prefrontal cortex of our brains that we can train, as well as our legs that build up when running or walking.

In a team, it's better

If you share any activity with someone, be it a sport or a passion, you are less likely to suffer from any mental illness. Indeed, the human being is a social being by nature, so the social bonds that we establish have a direct influence on our mood and our psychological state.


It may be that by reading these words you thought it was a joke, but this proposal is not so far-fetched. It comes straight from an article in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, a reference in psychology.

It seems that the human mind is doing a lot of memorization and concentration while our fingers randomly dance a pen on a sheet of paper.

According to psychologist Jackie Andrade, this practice helps us stay alert when we do a boring task, and avoid unnecessary distractions.
She came to this conclusion after conducting a study conducted through phone calls. Everyone scribbling while talking on the phone remembered more data about the call.

Meditating is good for us

Meditation can be defined as the equivalent of dumbbells with regard to our muscles. If we practice a lot of sport, why not dedicate 10 minutes of our time to the relaxation of our mind? It's a good way to help her develop her abilities.

Avoid obesity

Regardless of the consequences for our physical health, there is a strong correlation between obesity and reduced brain size during the adult phase.

The author of this conclusion isPaul Thompson, researcher at the University of California.
According to him, the excess fat promotes the obstruction of the arteries, which decreases the blood flow and the amount of oxygen that supplies the neurons.

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