5 things to do before 9 o'clock in the morning

5 things to do before 9 o'clock in the morning

We often do not give early in the day the importance it deserves.We often start the day with stress, eagerness and anguish. The problem is that we use too much energy unnecessarily. That's why today we bring you a number of tips as to what you can do before 9 am to make you feel better.

Why are some habits important before starting the work routine? Simply because theyare a way to create a positive disposition to be more productiveand balanced throughout the day.

” 5 things to do before leaving your bed: thank for the new day, think of our intentions of the day, take 5 deep breaths, smile for no reason, forgive for the mistakes made the day before. "

-Unknown author-

There are five things you can do before 9 am : exercise routine, feed yourself, meditate, tidy up your space and plan your day. Let's take a look at each of these actions in detail.

1. Exercise

Exercise is indeed one of the things we can do before 9 o'clock in the morning. This is the best time of the day to exercise.This is not only an important contribution to our health physical, but also to our mental health.

Exercise positively affects the state of mind.It activates our circulation, our muscles, our joints and our brain. There is evidence that exercise improves brain function. And what's better than starting the day with the mind well awake and attentive to everything?

2. Eat healthily

Doctors and nutritionists insist that breakfastis the most important meal of the day. Many people are, however, deaf to this recommendation. Indeed, there are a large number of people who take only coffee and light foods.

This is very negative because it involves starting the day with an energy deficit. Ideally, we can sit quietly for breakfast, eat enough nutritious food andgive our brain and our entire body the initial impetus for your day to be optimal.

3. Meditate 5 minutes

Just as food nourishes the body, meditation feeds the mind. Five minutes a day of meditation, before nine in the morning, can be decisive in our daily lives. This moment alone with us makes a big difference.

To meditate is to breathe, to perceive oneself. Feel our body and clean our mind. Deal with these negative thoughts and feelings or heavy ones that can unbalance us. This is a real gift for ourselves, bringing us more harmony throughout the day.

4. Tidying up

Tidying up is about solving small daily household chores. Washing clothes, tidying up the mess, walking the dog … are activities that sometimes become problematic when they are not made in time. It is therefore best to make them as soon as possible.

It is possible, when we leave these things for later, that they remain etched in our mind. Indeed, we sometimes worry about what has not been done, generating a kind of discomfort or discomfort about knowing that we have things to do. Our mind will be available for more important things if we get used to solving all those little things early in the morning.

5. Make a plan

It is always good to have an appropriate plan when we start the day. A plan in which we recordrelevant topics and, of course, those that can be realized. This will help us to organize ourselves mentally and to distribute our time so that the day suffices to achieve all that you wish and need to do.

One of the most important aspects of developing this plan is that we will avoid a lot of stress. Nothing is more disturbing than not knowing clearly what needs to be done and in what order to carry it out. We end up doing many things at once or spending too much time on something that is not important. The secret of a good plan is therefore how to prioritize and eliminate.

Finally, keep in mind thatthe five things you can do before 9 am are personal care measures. Small acts of self-esteem that help you carry out your activities without neglecting your health and that protect your mind and your mood. It's worth trying and concluding yourself if it's good for you.

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