5 simple ways to build self-confidence

5 simple ways to build self-confidence

Self-confidence is not a statistical quality. It is in fact a mental state that requires considerable effort to maintain itself when things go wrong. It must be learned, practiced and dominated just as the other skills must be. Nevertheless, when it is obtained, great results can be obtained.

For this, we will communicate in this article some simple and effective exercises to strengthen his self-confidence. That we will both grow and cope with everyday life with greater ease by promoting our emotional health.

Self-confidence can be learned and improved. This is not a statistical quality. She perfected herself with practice and movement.

1. Steep yourself in your role

In an instant, your body language can demonstrate your personal confidence or loudly proclaim that you are an unsure person. Introduce yourself in a way that reflects your readiness to take control of any situation. If you are confident and create the role you want, in addition to feeling more confident; you can convince others to trust you.

In addition, numerous studies show that the factAdopting a body language that reflects self-confidence will make you feel better. To do this, keep your head up, sit upright, position your shoulders slightly back to align your column and look directly at the person with whom you interact. Adopt a firm handshake and always maintain eye contact with the other person.

2. Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident

When you see yourself better, you feel better. If you choose clothes and accessories that fit you, adapt to your personality and lifestyle, and make you attractive, your level of personal trust will increase.

Introduce yourself according to the role you claim. In other words, dress for success. Do not be afraid to let your personality escape with the accessories you choose. A jewel, an interesting watch or a tie that may be needed to start a conversation.

3. Speak firmly and confidently

The next time you hear your favorite speaker, analyze the way he or she delivers the speech. A great speaker speaks with confidence, with a rhythmic and constant tone. Instead of using onomatopoeia that interrupt the flow of language to think such as "er" and "mmh", use pauses to emphasize ideas.

Adopt a firm but non-aggressive way of speaking which will be an indicator of insurance. In this way, you will feel the level of self-confidence rising in you. Furthermore, to be taken seriously, you must avoid speaking high or incorporating nervous laughter into your speech.

A good example of a great speaker is Neil DeGrasse Tyson from the documentary series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. In the episodes of this series, we can see perfectly how the presenter speaks with confidence always pointing towards the viewer and constantly capturing his attention.

4. Act and think optimistically

Another way to build self-confidence is based on the constant search for the good side of things and setting aside negative comments. Smile and surround yourself with happy and positive people. You will feel better and your co-workers will enjoy being with you.

To contribute to this good practice, hold an agenda of gratitude to remind you of pleasant moments of your daily life as well as your successes. In this way, you will develop more peace and confidence that will allow you to maintain a positive moral state.

5. Take action

Self-confidence goes beyond the way you dress and see yourself – you must do this. Get closer to some strange to a event of networking or accept a project that you would normally have rejected. Show your confidence and you will soon feel like in your own body.

Lack of action gives rise to doubts and fear while the movement generates trust and values. As a practical exercise, write down your qualities and flaws. The majority of people will tell you to work on your flaws, but instead, use what you have and take advantage of your strengths. Once you have spent more energy for your positives than for the negatives, your confidence will start to shine on its own.

Finally, having in mind that No matter what you do, there will always be people who will be unhappy with you. To do this, really focus on what you want to do without worrying about what you think of you.

Respect is required, trust is earned

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