5 simple habits to develop patience

5 simple habits to develop patience

Most of us are aware that it is very important to develop the patience to live smarter. But there is a big difference between wanting and achieving it. Especially if we take into account that the world today is not exactly a realm of tranquility.

Patience is a transcendental virtue because, in reality, the most important things in life take time.All worthwhile processes must combine the times of action with waiting times. Success times with those working.

"Patience is a tree with bitter roots but very sweet fruit. “

Persian proverb

Developing patience is not easy. But this is still possible. The habit is also involved in this process.We get in the habit of reacting quickly and not introducing the margins of waiting and necessary breaks. Therefore, it is important to learn new habits that lead us to be more patient. Here are five of them.

1. Never judge

What is the relationship between the habit of judging others and the goal of developing patience?We sometimes spend too much energy questioningothers. To think about what they are doing wrong and what they could or should be. This exercise, in itself, introduces a strong internal tension between the world and us.

Judging others means adopting a hostile attitude towards reality. This hostility often results in intolerancewhich triggers impatience. On the other hand, it is easier for us to maintain internal balance if we learn to accept others as they are. We will then have a greater capacity to develop patience.

2. Distance from the conflict

If we analyze it in depth, we realize that many conflicts are useless. They are born of the malaise that everyone wears, but generally do not lead anywhere. They are the expression of a dissatisfaction that leads to a large extent to feeling even more dissatisfied.

The conflict is not bad in itself. On the contrary. It is often rewarding because it helps us to see things from another point of view or allows us to make the mistakes we make.The secret is to properly handle this conflict. To not allow him to perpetuate himself and bring us into a state of tension constant.

3. Recognize the contributions of others

It is essential, to develop patience, to learn to value the contributions of others. Some people do a lot for us everyday. None of them are perfect, just like ourselves, but they ultimately enrich our lives and make them better.

We end up giving immeasurable importance to the small mistakes of others when we ignore their contributions.To develop patience supposes the acceptance and valorization of others. We place ourselves in a more generous and calm dimension, both with others and with ourselves, when we recognize their contributions.

4. Slow down

One of the great evils of our time is the obsession with speed, we have become the enemies of slowness. We lose sight of the fact that the most precious thing in life always takes time. The difference between a good or bad decision, or between a good or bad action, sometimes only takes a moment of waiting.

We build ourselves, we build our own lives. We will probably not be the architects of a solid structure if we want to do everything quickly. Indeed, we will build rather something ephemeral, and therefore fragile.Let's slow down a bit each time we become aware that we are overtaken by haste.

5. Breathe, a fundamental action to develop patience

Breathing up many of the secrets of a mind and emotions healthy. Oxygen is one of the most important foods in our brains, so everything related to breathing is also related to the functioning of our inner world.

Taking a moment to breathe, if possible three times a day, is a very healthy habit that will help us develop our patience. It is best to close your eyes and try to think of nothing. Only to that air that goes in and out … to the life that lives in us.

You must also be patientto develop your patience. You will not succeed overnight. It requires time and effort. However, it is a success that will change you forever and will be an extremely rewarding factor in your life. Try !

Patience, the art of knowing how to wait

Patience is a necessary attitude to live in the here and now, taking advantage of the present moment. Learn more
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