5 signs to know if you live a correct relationship

5 signs to know if you live a correct relationship

Have you ever wondered if you were having a good relationship in your current relationship?

I do not hide the fact that this uncertainty has occupied my mind for several weeks, and therefore led me to ask myself questions such as: " Are other people in the same situation as me? Is it just normal in the daily life of a relationship to ask these questions? "

Most of us know that it is not always easy to maintain a relationship, but having a doubt about being in a good relationship or not is a point we rarely ask ourselves.

After personally feeling this uncertainty, I decided to look for these signs that can tell us if we are experiencing a correct relationship or not.

The presence of these signs can allow us to open our eyes and / or duplicate our desire to continue to walk the path with our current spouse.

What are the signs that show us that we are in a good relationship?

Each relationship is unique. Those who compose it are people with their own characteristics and with different tastes.

Some time ago, I discovered thatThe secret to living and growing up with the loved one is to learn to understand, respect and know how to deal with differences.to turn them into a real strength for the relationship.

These are issues that are waiting for many of us, as we work together, work as a team or learn to tolerate.

The fear does not exist. The Achilles heel in any type of relationship is fear. Fear gives us a sign of security when we live a relationship, because if we are in a correct relationship, we should not feel fear from the other person.In this case, it is normal to feel emotions totally opposed to fear, such as security, joy and stability.

In an incorrect relationship, the opposite happens: Feelings of insecurity and fears invade us.

Being in a relationship in which you are constantly in doubt about your spouse means that you are in a broken relationship, or at least one that requires a lot of profound changes.

Authentic trust This sign becomes the key pillar of the correct relationship: trust.

The sensation that occurs when she settles between two people who love each other is indescribable.

It should exist between the two people well before starting the relationship, because to enjoy a trusted experience, it is necessary to earn it well before starting any commitment.

Why maintain a relationship in which we are suffering and live the opposite of love?

When I asked this question, I stopped reproducing this harmful emotional environment until today. And I touch wood in my heart!

He / she sacrifices himself for you. On this point, I do not speak to you in any case of a type of extreme or vital sacrifice, but rather of these small daily sacrifices, as for example make a plan of life in common where the needs of both people can be met and respected. We talk about existing habits between the two people.

Love is knowing how to share and give the best of oneself while hoping for the well-being of others. If you think there are no small details in your engagement, you are not in a good relationship.

You maintain your own identity.We have already shared with you the ease with which emotional dependence can develop in a couple, becoming a sign of an incorrect relationship.

Sharing your own heart with a person does not mean that we have to lose our identity.

A beautiful relationship is born when we learn to maintain the individuality and respect between the two members of the relationship, without any loss of soul, nor stop practicing his passions, and seeing his friends or family.

If you respect your differences as human beings, I will be happy to tell you that you are now living a good relationship!

Confrontations can be positive. I'm going to tell you another secret of correct relationships: the arguments, as passionate as they are, always retain an essential ingredient, mutual respect.

If you live this type of confrontation, the end will always be positive with great solutions for both parties.

On the other hand, if there are dramatic, negative and toxic discussions in your relationship, I would like to invite you to pause and reflect on whether you really deserve to live this situation.

You are probably experiencing an incorrect relationship, where feelings do not let your reason act.

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