5 signs that indicate that fear dominates your life

5 signs that indicate that fear dominates your life

Fear, in itself, is not negative.It protects us from possible threats and sometimes helps us to be more careful and attentive in what we do. However, it is also a reality that can invade every corner of our lives, without us noticing it. And one day, we simply discover that fear dominates our lives.

To be honest, many people do not realize it.Fear can sometimes dominate your life without you being aware of it.Fear is one of those realities that often disguises itself to go unnoticed and continue to control you. That's why it can be difficult to identify.

"The shy are afraid before danger, the cowards, during, the brave, after."

-Jean paul Sartre-

When fear dominates your life, you may feel that you are not moving forward or things are not working.You do not reach your goals and the malaise predominates but you do not realize that you are invaded by fear. The following signs will help you identify whether your life is dominated by fear or not. So, ready to discover them?

Being a perfectionist

Extreme perfectionism is not a quality, especially if it is accompanied by intolerance and anxiety.Instead of making yourself better or helping you get better results, it often stops you from enjoying things.

When perfectionism torments you, it can be considered as a sign that fear dominates your life.Basically, you may not want to do things better: you are only afraid of not being good enough or even being rejected by others.You may be afraid of the mistake.

Take no risk

Here is another sign that fear dominates your life.To avoid risks at all costs is to stop living.This is an attitude that only leads to severe stagnation. Sooner or later, you will feel that life is boring or tasteless.

If you want to move forward paying attention to anything, you will end up reducing your number of experiments.The absence of risk is only an illusion because it will always be present. You are only afraid of not being up to scratch and you are therefore looking to create comfort zones for you to stay there forever.

Put things off

Fear is one of the reasons we always put things off.You delay things because you are afraid of getting to the point where you will have to take action.Fear prevents you from advancing towards the fulfillment of your tasks and goals.

Courage is not something that appears before doing things that require it. Rather, it is a reality that is built when we dare to act and move towards a goal.Delaying, and frequently, only serves to increase fear. Until we can no longer defeat her.

Want to control everything

The desire to control everything is an obvious sign of insecurity. And insecurity is nothing but a fear of being, to express oneself fully, to assume with all the mistakes and successes that accompany us. Trying to keep everything under control, paradoxically, means letting fear control our lives.

Uncertainty is a constant in life. In reality, nothing is ever under control.There are too many forces that escape our will, our desires. Being flexible and adapting is a sign of strength and realism.And humility. The desire to control everything is only a direct path to anxiety.

To repress oneself when speaking

When we talk about repression, we do not refer to difficulties in making big speeches or big conferences.Some people refrain from saying what they think or feel. And they do it out of fear.For fear of the reaction of others, for fear of engaging with their words or asserting themselves.

Not to say what one thinks or feels is self-canceling.He who renounces the word renounces his being. He also gives up his freedom,of thought and expression. The fear of speaking leads to invisibility, to symbolic death.

There is only one way to overcome fears: to confront them. But it is not a question of exposing yourself with recklessness to what frightens you. It just meansthat it is worthwhile to undertake a process that will allow you to recover the strength within you.If fear dominates your life, it's time to do something to dominate it.

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