5 sentences of Beethoven on music and life

5 sentences of Beethoven on music and life

Beethoven was one of the most important composers in the history of music. His works continue today to be studied in schools and conservatories as a clear example of what music was in the era of Romanticism. However, although we know a lot about Beethoven for his musical creation, there are some Beethoven phrases that are well worth knowing and remembering.

Many of Beethoven's sentences unite music and life, as if one and the other were part of the same ensemble. Something that allows us to get closer to how Beethoven saw and felt life. Many of these phrases will surprise you, others will inspire you to think about how we live our lives and, many others, will bring us closer to this musical universe in which Beethoven has become a genius.

Virtue brings happiness

"Tell your children that they are virtuous, only virtue can bring happiness, not money."

This first sentence of Beethoven allows us to reflect on the importance we place on money. At present, we continue to tell our children that "this career has no job opportunities," "how are you going to make a living by drawing?" This not only reduces motivation, but also slows down young people who have creativity, innovation and genius.

This sentence should make us think if having a fixed and guaranteed monthly salary – if you have one – brings us happiness. If obtaining a regular job makes us happy or if, on the contrary, we would be more satisfied to build our own way. Let's not lock virtue under pretense of beliefs and fears that we believe will test us.

Passion is the key

"Playing a bad note is insignificant, touching without passion is unforgivable."

Another of Beethoven's sentences can also apply today so that we overcome, once and for all, the great fear we have of making mistakes. To fail, to make mistakes, seems unforgivable. Think about it, shame invades us and we want to hide from everyone.

However, what happens with passion? It does not help to play a perfect piece of music if there is no passion. Passion overcomes any stumbling and any mistake. That's what really gives meaning to life, it's the push and what we do. Therefore, something as important as the music was for Beethoven, to do it without passion was something unforgivable.

All obstacles are surmountable

"It may be a consolation for the unfortunate to know that, like them, despite all the obstacles of nature, they have done everything in their power to be accepted among artists and men of value."

How many times have we abandoned because we have encountered an obstacle? How many times have we felt inferior to others? Sometimes, we believe that we will never be able to become astronauts, models or other types of goals that people around us consider unrealistic. We become infected with their lack of faith and do not even try to make a real attempt.

However, we forget that these people we admire now were in our place or in a much worse place. Indeed, many of them had to struggle to realize what they once imagined, by changing and adding value to society. To achieve our goals, we must work hard, because if there is one thing that is certain, our own inertia is not enough to achieve most of our goals.

Genius is not everything

"Genius is made up of two percent talent and ninety-eight percent hard work."

Perhaps we could link this other sentence of Beethoven to the reflection we made earlier. A person with great ability and talent does not have everything to do. For this reason, we might think that everything will come as a gift (which we talked about in the previous sentence). However, this is not the case.

A person with great abilities has to work so hard. Because it is in perseverance that success comes. What happens to students who do not listen during teaching hours? They do not get good grades. So, if they do not study, if they procrastinate and do nothing, the result will be bad by default. Well, with genius, it's the same thing. If you do not work, there will be no results.

The limits of access to art

"There should be a large art warehouse in the world to which the artist could bring his works and from which the world could take what he needed."

This last of Beethoven's sentences, the composer shows his desire to help people without anything to receive in return. An altruistic attitude by offering his talent to those who need it most. However, the money, the interests and the fear that people who take what they need will damage it. So we become selfish. We limit ourselves in every way.

We all know Beethoven to be a genius of music, but few knew he had left us so beautiful and wise phrases. Which of these Beethoven phrases caught your eye? Are there any that you could apply in your life? The truth is that music has taken notes on some of the most beautiful stories in life.

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