5 sentences from Jane Goodall that will make you think

5 sentences from Jane Goodall that will make you think

Jane Goodall's sentences express a wonderful goal: to make people respect nature. One of his goals has always been to force people to redefine themselves, to put aside our pride to understand that species like primates also have emotions, are intelligent, empathic and have a social system.

United Nations Primatologist, Ethologist, Anthropologist, and Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall is a Legend. He is one of those eminent men who, in view of his humanity, the transcendence and clarity of his message, continues to thrill the world with his lectures. At 84 years old she still stands out with her ponytail, her serene smile and the sensitive look of the one who observes the world with a childish curiosity despite being one of the most revolutionary scientists in history .

"I like some animals more than some people, some people more than some animals."
-Jane Goodall-
It was Jane Goodall whoFifty years ago, challenged the world and the most agnostic scientific community by showing them that animals also have intelligence.Moreover, his field of study was not limited to chimpanzees. Bird watching is another passion that characterizes this English ethologist and was one of the first to talk about how mammals and birds, such as crows, can plan, solve simple problems, build stratagems to obtain food or organize in social structures.

His theoretical contribution had an impact on many disciplines, including psychology itself.Concepts such as self-awareness, empathy, altruism or deception are no longer "products" exclusive to the human race …

Jane Goodall's sentences to reflect

Jane Goodall's sentences demonstrate that even though she did not find the missing link in human evolution,no one was ever so close to showing us how close we are to the great primates. Moreover, the only thing that differentiates us from them is, according to her, language. This should force people to think and redefine themselves in many ways.

Let's look at some of Jane Goodall's sentences below. They will allow us to better understand his heritage. We can also find it in books such as"On the way to man", "Reasons to hope" or"My life with chimpanzees"

1. Animals have feelings

"You can not share your life with a dog or a cat if you do not understand that they also have personality, feelings and a spirit."

We have said it in introduction.Jane Goodall's contributions to psychology are also noteworthy. Above all, she stressed the need to become aware of animal psychology. Indeed, primates are not the only ones to show obvious characteristics of social intelligence, complex emotions and a self-conscious mind.

Our most common pets, such as dogs or cats, also have their own personality, their emotional needs. They are empathic, that is, able to connect with their own species but also with ourselves.

2. No matter who you are, the important thing is what you are capable of doing

"The human being is an extraordinary creature, but the way we have achieved it is of little importance Evolution itself is meaningless if we are not able to do great things with what we are now. "

Here is one of Jane Goodall's most interesting phrases. It contains in itself an idea that many contemporary anthropologists share.The scientific community is often obsessed with explaining our evolutionary line, whether homo heidelbergensis comes before or after the predecessor or if Neanderthals are a distinct species or subspecies of the homo sapiens genus.

For Jane Goodall, none of this matters.What is relevant is what we do with our life in the present moment.That this evolutionary success characterizing us is useful. That we are able to create a better world, nobler and more respectful of other species.

3. Harmony in the animal world, disharmony in the civilized world

"Chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans have lived for thousands of years in their forest, leading fantastic lives in equilibrium environments, in spaces where they have never thought of destroying the forest. to destroy their world, I would say that they were more successful than us in living in harmony with the environment. "

This is undoubtedly another wonderful reflection. She speaks for herself.No animal conceives the idea of ​​destroying one's own house. To cut down trees, burn meadows, destroy savannahs, pollute rivers, dirty the oceans … We consider wildlife species that only live in harmony in their environment, while we do the opposite.

4. Protect nature for our psychological health

"Many studies have shown that plants are good for our psychological development.The crime rate decreases when we create gardens and green environments in the cities.The victims of aggression, the mentally ill and the sick in hospitals begin to recover when they spend time in contact with nature, so we need them, we need forests and natural environments because they bring us a deep psychological sense. "

Jane Goodall continues to lead this naturalistic and social activism to raise awareness of the importance of forest conservation. To protect nature and wildlife. This priority has repercussions on our psychological well-being. A highly relevant detail of which we are not yet fully aware.Nature is not only life. It also makes it possible.

5. We have a responsibility

"When you know chimpanzees, you realize that everyone has their own personality.When a baby chimpanzee looks at you, it's like a human baby, we have a responsibility to them."

This is another of Jane Goodall's most famous phrases.So we have a responsibility towards animals, chimpanzees, gorillas. To all the species we hunt from their habitats because of human voracity. To produce more palm oil. To have more natural resources to mine and land to get the essential minerals for the technology industry.

We generate irreversible wounds to our planet, to animals and to ourselves.Messages like Jane Goodall's help us to become aware of this. To set aside our pride to look at us with more humility. To consider animals as brothers, like the humble inhabitants of Gaia, a planet to which we do not bring the care it deserves.

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