5 sentences by Robin Williams

5 sentences by Robin Williams

We all knew Robin Williams for his genius as an actor.Movies likeThe circle of missing poets, Will HuntingorMadame Doubtfirecontinue today to move us through the depth of their message. Here are a few sentences from Robin Williams that will allow you, in addition to thinking, to get to know him better.

Although everything seemed to be going well for Robin Williams, he was found hanged in his home on August 11, 2014.This surprised all his admirers, but his widow, Susan Schneider, admitted that he had Parkinson's disease and that this diagnosis had greatly affected him. Maybe that was one of the reasons for his suicide.

1. Being alone … while we are surrounded by people

"I always thought the worst thing in life was to finish alone, it's wrong, the worst thing in life is to finish with people who make you feel lonely."

This first sentence of Robin Williams denotes a certain sadness and, at the same time, gives us a great truth.Who has never felt alone while surrounded by people?Feeling frequently can tell us that we are suffering from a big inner void or that we are not surrounded by the right people.

Many people with low self-esteem often feel this way. This feeling can lead them to isolate themselves, as if to protect themselves. Because even if the loneliness can be terrible, being surrounded by people with whom we have no connection can be much worse. In these circumstances, it would be good to ask if we are in the presence of people who bring us something or motivate us to bring them.

2. Learn from your mistakes

"There is always a lot to learn, there are always great things out, even mistakes can be wonderful."

This second sentence of Robin Williams pushes us out of our comfort zone.Because even if we feel extremely comfortable, the big things, those that can stimulate us to grow, are outside this area. The challenges we face when we are well established are not realchallenges.

Mistakes help us to be better, to know where we are going and to improve certain aspects of our lives. Imagine how things would be if we were never wrong: we would not advance, we would stagnate and remain stuck.

3. Live intensely

"Today will never be repeated, live intensely every moment".

Many people believe that living intensely or living as if it were the last day of their lives inevitably means carrying out a list of follies. However, this association is not right.To live in this way, we do not need to go on a trip or something out of the ordinary.We only have to pay attention to the little things.

We can live intensely if we start enjoying the time we spend with the people we love, paying attention to each moment and savoring the details. It is also possible to realize this by valuing the money we earn, the bed we sleep in or the delicious food we have on our plate.To be grateful and to take advantage of what we take for granted will help us live life more intensely.

4. We are our own masters

"To be my own master, such a thing would be worth more than all the magic and treasure of the world."

The fourth sentence of Robin Williams allows us to think about the following idea:we are our own masters.Because with our mistakes and the decisions we make, we learn a series of lessons that no one else can pass on to us.

Even if, at school, we acquire a lot of information and necessary skills, it is the "manipulation" of knowledge that ends up teaching us the real things. As Robin Williams says, all this is worth more than all the magic or treasure in the world.We have something very precious that we seldom realize: ourselves.

5. Having too many things and not knowing how to handle them

"Cocaine is God's way of telling you that you have too much money"

This last sentence tells us about one of the times when alcohol and drugs were very present in his life.It contains a lot of irony, something that characterized the actor very well. He used to joke about many things.

It's sad, but frequentlypeople with a lot of resourcesend up falling into the drug. It shakes their lives completely. Very often, they fall into this black hole because they do not know what to do with their money.

All these phrases of Robin Williams allow us to better know this actor who, at 63, decided to end his life.Some make us think that a kind of emptiness existed deep within him. Others bring us closer to harmful experiences that have been able to mark it. But many push us to experiment and live our lives in order to bring us closer to happiness or, to put it more correctly, balance and well-being.

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