5 sensational phrases of Kenzaburo Oé

5 sensational phrases of Kenzaburo Oé

Many of Kenzaburo Oé's sentences reflect his tragediespersonal and terrible social events he witnessed. He is one of the most alive and profound writers of the twentieth century. One of the most read in the world, too.

Kenzaburo Oé was born in a small village in Japan. He came from a very humble family. His desire to progress led him to live in Tokyo, where he obtained his degrees in philosophy and literature.he nthen suffused with cultural shock because his native village was very differentfrom the big city he found. This led to his first writings.

” I have been interested since childhood in the way our limited body adapts to suffering. “

-Kenzaburo Oé

Most of Kenzaburo Oé's sentences are short and straightforward.It has a humanist essence, with shadingexistentialists. His style is agile and energeticrich in poetic images and deep reflections. Here are some of his best-known statements.

1. One of Kenzaburo Oé's sentences about fear

Fear often appears in Kenzaburo Oé's sentences, explicitly or implicitly.According to him, it is not a question of succumbing to fear, but of reasoning it.. This wonderful writer, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1994, also believes in the capacity of the human being to free himself.

One of Kenzaburo Oé's sentences reflecting that says: "To control fearyou have to isolate it. And for this you have to define his object precisely"Excellent advice." Specifying the object of fear is a way to start overcoming it.

2. Two facets of the world

One of Kenzaburo Oé's sentences says: "When I want to look at our world with both eyes,what I perceiveare two worldssuperimposed: one bright and clear, surprisingly clean. The other wave and subtly dark” .

The ambiguity of existence, which is also the ambiguity of human beings, is reflected in this text.The duality that inhabits us: the good and the bad, the luminous and the dark, the grandiose and the miserable … We are constantly confronted with this paradox throughout life.

3. The good writer

Kenzaburo Oé has also often reflected on the profession of writer.Beyond a vocation, writing is also a position against existence. It is at the same time a testimony, a therapy and a cultural exercise.

He says in this regard: "A good writer should never stabilizeIt refers to the fact that instability is precisely one of the driving forces of writing, if it were not so, there would be practically no reason to imagine other possible worlds through Literature.

4. The specter of the atomic bomb

One of the events that struck Kenzaburo Oé most was the launch of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Not only because of the devastation it caused, but also because of the impressive amount of physical and psychological consequences it left to the Japanese.

Many phrases of Kenzaburo Oé are devoted to this subject. One of them says: "The important lesson of Hiroshima's drama is dignityHe refers to the unwavering will of his people to rebuild the nation after this terrible event.The Japanese were sizing themselves at the historic moment, first with capitulation and then with reconstruction.

5. The act of lying

The goal of Kenzaburo Oé is not to moralize through his literature.He does not try to give moral lessons. He does not pretend to postulate models of behavior. Ethical questioning, however, is at the root of all his novels and essays. More as a question than as an explicit approach or dogma.

One of his sentences says: "If you lie to get yourself out of trouble, you must do it in such a way that you do not have to lie again when the truth is knownHe therefore does not seek to condemn the lie but to indicate its inconvenience.He assumes that the truth will appear and that, therefore, this fact must be taken into account when issuing a lie.

In addition to the atomic bomb,what worried Kenzaburo Oé the most is having a son with an intellectual disability. It totally changed his life. His literature too. This may be the reason why we feel like we are in front of someone who has surely dreamed of deciphering the meaning of the impossible when we read it.

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