5 myths about senior sexuality

5 myths about senior sexuality

Many consider sexuality in old age as a taboo subject. It is not easily evoked because of shame and fear, or simply because of ignorance. We live in a society where the idea of ​​the virtues of eternal youth is transmitted and where sexuality appears linked to youth only.

Aging does not mean losing any sudden interest in sex. It is a normal thing that if there is good health, people remain sexually active throughout their lives. Therefore, once again, enjoying good health is the key to enjoying sexuality throughout one's life.

Around the sexuality in the old age, one can see a wall full of stereotypes. Prejudice and marginalization is built around sex in the elderly. This taboo leads the older person to stop talking about sexuality. This leads in many cases, not to share with anyone and ultimately to abandon the practice of sexuality.

To enjoy healthy sexuality among the elderly, it is necessary to know the changes that occur in the body over time and what will be the influence of these in the field we are dealing with today. Understanding these changes involves generating a vital project in which well-being is not limited by the loss of physical abilities.

In this sense, one must be aware of the physical changes associated with age. It is also necessary to face all the myths that surround pleasure. So these myths can provoke the rejection of sexuality.

Experts agree that the most important organ in sexuality is the brain. Any fear or insecurity can become the biggest obstacle when it comes to maintaining intimate relationships. The main fear of men is generally not to have an erection or not to maintain it. On the other hand, women tend to be more afraid of their own physical presence, that is, not to feel erotic or sensual. It is true that age is linked to certain inexorable changes. But it is precisely for this reason that we must assume them naturally.

The latest studies in gerontology speak of the importance of evolving in the face of false beliefs about sexuality. These myths as well as the education received lead us to consider older adults as sexless beings.

Man has a greater sexual need than women

One of the most common myths about senior sexuality is the belief that men have a greater sexual need. However, sexual desire has nothing to do with gender. Men and women show sexual needs at any age and, of course, also at maturity.

Aging and sex, with the exception of extreme cases of pathology, are good traveling companions. However, it is not a question of pretending to have a sex life like during the young years. But to balance the efforts, to intensify the relation of affection with the couple and to maintain the capacity to enjoy.

Sexuality is for young people and not for old people

It is not true that after a certain age, the interest in sex is gradually lost. Sexual activity generally remains stable and satisfactory for those with a positive sexual history.

Sexual ability over time is conditioned by factors such as physical and mental health. The existence of an active partner also helps to maintain a certain sexuality. You must know that the absence of sexuality is not a consequence of age.

The practice of sex in the elderly is harmful to health

The reality of this statement about senior sexuality is quite different: the sexual practice helps them to feel better and does not stop being excellent for their physical and mental health. The feeling of self-esteem and happiness makes older people see their self-esteem increase. The emotional bond in the couple is also reinforced.

There are benefits associated with pleasure, such as feeling happy, eliminating pain, regulating insomnia and depression, promoting activation of the immune system, and improving the climate of interpersonal relationships that older adults can continue to enjoy.

Older people do not need a partner

Love has no age, which is normal, it is that love changes over the years. In the youth, he may be more passionate, while over time he may become a more mature and serene feeling, where other topics such as business and care take priority. Thus, an emotional connection is created by being able to share that complicity that leads the other to feel confident and desired.

Sexual impulses are exhausted with age

The aging of the person does not lead to the death of desire or the cessation of sexual activity. Indeed, it is true that the body changes and the sexual response tends to be slower, but the pleasure is the same if the good stimulus is produced.

Sex is fabulous at any age and a good sex life provides self-esteem and pleasure. In this sense, in many cases, there is no objective reason to give up an enormous source of well-being, such as the enjoyment of sexuality, over the years. Unfortunately, it is a taboo subject in society and even in the consultations themselves.

"A beautiful old age is usually the reward of a good life."


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