5 mistaken beliefs about sexuality

5 mistaken beliefs about sexuality

The famous North American actress, Marilyn Monroe, said with humor"sex is part of nature and I get on well with her".It is therefore curious that something so natural can cause such a big fuss and even be rejected. In fact, throughout history, an incredible amount of mistaken beliefs about sexuality has emerged.

On the other hand, and even though many of these beliefs about sex have been rejected by science, their lack of truth has been demonstrated by many studies. However, these ideas remain inscribed in the collective imagination of a large number of societies, causing even dysfunctions, a malaise or problems of couple.

"Is sex dirty? Only when it is well done."

-Woody Allen-

Wrong beliefs about sexuality

These mistaken beliefs about sexuality in certain environments can lead to jokes and funny stories but, instead of being harmless, they can end up causing personal problems.Unfortunately, these problems have no real or scientific but only social basis and come from misconceptions. So, it's time to get to know these deeply rooted and habitual ideas.

Masturbation is a case of single man

Curiously, it is a sexual myth still widespread. For some people, autonomous stimulation is only a matter of men and, if possible, single people. Moreover, for others, the fact that couples are masturbating means that they are not satisfied with their sex life with their spouse. However, if science tells us one thing, it means that one has nothing to do with the other.

In fact, thinking in this way is a mistake.Stimulation or self-stimulation is importantand even healthy. It is a fundamental way to learn, to know oneself and to know what we like or do not like when we reach an orgasm. Thus, we could say that masturbation can be appreciated by men as well as women, whether they are in a relationship or not.

The first vaginal penetration is always painful and can not lead to pregnancy

First of all,there is no link between novelty and pregnancy.It is true that it is a complex process in which many factors intervene, but the fact that it is the first relationship is completely off topic.

Then, at the level of the pain, certain factors can have an influence. Even if the vagina is elastic and is designed for sexual pleasure (and not for pain),the nervousness of the first time and the high expectations can cause a lack of lubrication.This is an important factor in the onset of pain. But this one does not have to appear in all cases, although it is difficult not to be nervous because of the importance that is given to the "first time" in our culture.

"In every erotic encounter, there is an invisible and constantly active character: the imagination."

-Octavio Paz-

Female orgasm always arrives with penetration

Here is another mistaken belief about sex.The clitoris is the feminine point that contains the most nerve endings:the greatest possibilities of pleasure are thus there and not in the vagina.

However, we can distinguish two types of female orgasms, vaginal and clitoral. In fact,the ideal, in addition to penetration, is that there is also stimulation of the clitorisso that the sensation of pleasure is much more complete. But one does not exclude the other and penetration does not have to be the only method to reach orgasm.

Does the size of the penis matter?

This is one of the issues that can cause the most problems in a man.Is the size of his penis really important?The answer is no. Of course, any penis having a size corresponding to the "normal" measures can provoke and produce an orgasm.

As we said, the vagina is elastic and is prepared to fit any size. Nevertheless, if we speak of minimal or exaggerated proportions, we enter into the context of physical problems. But if we stay in the norm,the size has nothing to do with the proportion of pleasure that can be caused.

"Withdrawal" is a reliable contraceptive

This is another big myth that once again becomes fashionable among young people. It is actually completely wrong.When the man is excited, he releases a pro-seminal liquidas a result of his condition.

As you can imagine, this liquid contains spermatozoa that could perfectly fertilize an egg.It is true that the probabilities are lower in number but a young woman can perfectly get pregnant in this way. Diseases can also be sexually transmitted.

Even today, and despite all the existing means to inform oneself,these 5 beliefs about sexuality are still firmly rooted in people's heads,even if it seems incredible. It is therefore our responsibility to work to make them disappear once and for all.

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