5 leadership lessons you learn with Game of Thrones

5 leadership lessons you learn with Game of Thrones

There are many leadership lessons we can learn from Song of Ice and Fire, the great saga of George RR Martin, and thanks to HBO, we can also enjoy the television version of the series Game Of Thrones.

Many consider that Game of Thrones, to use the best-known name, is a leading guide for all entrepreneurs.

There is probably no better example to demonstrate that doing business is much more than just starting a business.

Everything you do in life with the goal of achieving something you believe in, is a project. And to succeed in any project, you must develop your leadership abilities.

This broad theme is not usually easy to explain with real life examples because we can meet many different situations. However, while this seems surprising, fiction offers us an excellent opportunity to explain it.

Note that leadership is something you will need to put into practice at some point in your life and is as important to an entrepreneur or a boss as it is to someone who is dedicated to teaching or to parents who need to educate their parents. children.

We will define some of these great leadership lessons that you can apply in your life to face the hard work of achieving your goals.

# 1 – Keep your promises … and pay your debts

We will hear it several times from the mouth of any Lannister, and of Tyrion in particular "A Lannister still pays his debts. “

In life, the best way to lose people's respect and the power and influence you can have is to promise things you can not do and not pay for what you're up to. engaged.

For others to do things for you, you must have earned the reputation of being a reliable and good paying person.

To earn this reputation you will have to work hard for a long time. The Lannisters go further: they call him back to everyone. This is a great personal marketing lesson, without a doubt.

# 2 – Be consistent with your decisions and do what you have to do

A great leader does not hide when it comes to implementing difficult decisions, and he does not leave others to do what he needs to do.

” The man who dictates the sentence must wield the sword", says Ned Stark.

Leaders who work hard in the trenches must make difficult decisions. As the same Ned says, "Whoever hides behind the executioner quickly forgets what death is. “

# 3 – Leadership is not needed, it's winning

” Every man who has to say, I am the king, is not a real king. "This glorious phrase of Tywin Lannister, the patriarch of the most powerful family of the Seven Kingdoms, is a lesson in what leadership means.

The best leaders are followed by the collective will, not because they say "I'm the boss "or" Here it is me who directs. "

If you are a leader, act as a leader, and earn the respect of people by working for them. The influence and power you will gain will only be effective if you do it on the basis of respect.

# 4 – When problems and chaos arrive, there is only one way out: moving forward.

Problems are challenges to improve. But with Game of Thrones they are a bit more that…

It is in the bad moments that one can discover the true personality of someone. And when chaos comes, this is the moment when the true strength of a leader is revealed.

Effective leaders are not frustrated by challenges, but they use them to show their value.

” Chaos is not a hole, it's a ladder ".

If you see chaos as something that envelops you and has no solution, you will sink as if you fall into a well. However, a leader sees this same chaos as an opportunity to climb and grow.

” Chaos is not a hole, it's a ladder. Many who try to climb it, fall without ever trying again. The fall breaks them. Some have the opportunity to climb; They cling to the kingdom, or to the gods, or to love. Only the scale is real. The climb is the only thing to do.  “

# 5 – Be alert and get ready for the worst

Maybe we should have started here. "Winter is coming, "is one of the most repeated phrases by members of Stark House, and this is the starting point of the story, as it is the title of the first chapter of the series and the book.

Stark House, cradle of great leaders (even bastard Jon Snow is proving to be a natural leader), fully respects this slogan.

From this slogan, we can extract key lessons for success in life.

The leaders remain vigilant. The world is uncertain. The best leaders always innovate, keep themselves together and plan for the future.

They are prepared for the unexpected, which is essential, and they embrace the winter especially when everyone is distracted.

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