5 keys to start exercising

5 keys to start exercising

Starting to exercise is often one of the most difficult steps.The laziness of the first days, or first weeks, can prevent us from achieving a sport-related habit and cause us to abandon the idea prematurely.

We will therefore present here some ways to overcome these difficulties and this initial laziness to have a greater will andenjoy the benefits that regular exercise can provide to our body.

1. Define what exercise is for you

The idea of ​​"exercise" is usually not very well defined. The different ways of practicing the sport can be: playing football, dancing, running, walking, doing yoga, going to the gym, swimming, etc. Therefore,to start exercising and creating a habit, it will be essential to determine what type of exercise we want to perform.It must be one we love, that we can easily include in our daily lives and that offers us the benefits we want.

So, if one of our main goals is to get muscle, we can enroll in a gym to do exercises with weights. If we want to lose weight, we can run regularly. And if we want to take advantage of the time spent on physical activity to socialize and meet new people, we can opt for a team sport.

Otherwise,defining the type of exercise will allow us to set a clear goal.So we should not think about running, but rather set ourselves the goal of running every morning for 20 minutes in the park of our neighborhood. A better defined and visible objective will help us to better focus on the activity and to achieve it more easily.

"It will be easier to start exercising if we choose an activity we like, so it can be more easily included in our daily lives."

2. Start with an easy exercise

If we are not used to playing sports, too much exercise can exhaust us and make us reject the idea of ​​repeating it frequently. heso it's best to start with simple and undemanding exercises. This will help us to create the habit without feeling lazy.We can gradually increase the intensity of exercise as our body adapts to practice.

3. Choose another habit as a reminder mode

This is very important so that we do not forget to play sports when we have to. A reminder will help us know when it's time to start exercising. It will help us to not ignore the activity unconsciously.The reminder must be another activity that has already become a habit. Indeed, this type of activity will be so internalized that we will not forget it.

For example, we can exercisejust after brushing your teeth, after having a coffee in the morning or after making the bed. Once the recall is chosen, we can use Tip Number 1, defining a clear type of exercise, for a specific time and in a specific place.

4. Find a healthy reward

A good way to encourage ourselves to exercise is to finda reward we can enjoy after completing the activity.We will then overcome easily the initial laziness. We will feel better when we finish the activity, in addition to the mental well-being that will already be provided by the practice itself.

The important thing here will be to resort to healthy rewards. It can be a relaxing bath, use a soap with a particularly pleasant aroma, take an infusion or spend a few minutes listening to music. Rewards such as smoking a cigarette or taking a piece of chocolate will be highly counterproductive measures.

5. Keep track of our progress

To better see the results obtained and help us maintain this routine, we can use methods such as taking a picture every few weeks or taking measurements of the perimeters of our muscles such as biceps, intestines or thighs.

Seeing how we lose weight or how we gain muscle mass will help us be more aware of the good results of our physical activity. This will motivate us to move forward.We can also use mobile apps that allow us to keep a clearer record of our activity and exercise routine.

As we can see,starting to exercise is not easy because we have to create a habit. It does, however, provide many benefits. Following a healthy lifestyle will provide us with energy and above all, improve our mood.

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