5 keys to preventing digital dementia

5 keys to preventing digital dementia

It is inevitable to refer to the German psychiatrist Manfred Spitzer when we speak of digital dementia. His work allows us to know today that this problem is neither more nor less than thereducing our cognitive abilities due to the misuse of new technologies,like what happens during the aging process.

A search of this type would have been described as ridiculous 20 years ago.How will the human being be dominated by digital media?A social animal, characterized by its ability to reason and innovate, would never be fooled by this type of reality. This is what we thought at that time. The consequences of bad technology habits have become progressively visible. Indeed, younger generations are now much more sensitive to problems related to short-term memory.

Spitzer states thatnew technologies reduce the cognitive performance and memory of people who use them poorly.He also emphasizes that our brain functions in a certain way as a muscle: it grows if it is used, it atrophies if it is not. That's why it's important to stimulate and exercise our minds.

"Addiction to technologies causes digital dementia, in other words, the reduction of our cognitive abilities."

How to prevent digital dementia

We live in a hyperconnected world.It is becoming increasingly normal to find young children with cell phones and computers. Or search on Google for any term or doubt we have without first making an effort to think about it. So that digital dementia is increasing. What can we do about it?

Set a schedule

Set a specific schedule to use the mobile. If you need it to work,try to respect your rest period (which is also essential). Try, for example, to intervene just after dinner or at a time when you have completed all your tasks

Do not forget to spend time with family, friends or spouse.Do not trade your time with them for your social networks. This does not mean that you can not check your social networks, surf the internet or play a video game. You can do it in moderation and balance.

"Technology is nothing, the important thing is that you have faith in people, that they are fundamentally good and intelligent."

-Steve Jobs-

Find a hobby of substitution

Learn to play an instrument, sign up for English classes or go to the gym. Find a healthy hobby that will make you forget your dependence on the digital world. If you can,try to find a hobby that requires you to think and analyze.

It is obviously not appropriate to resort to the game ofbrain training computer! Concentrate on the real world. On the exercises you can do with a pencil and paper.You can gather a group of friends or relatives and spend a fun evening with them.

Have plans outside the house

Go out and enjoy nature. It does not matter if it's cold or rainy. Every season has something wonderful. There are certainly many parks to enjoy the outdoors even if you live in the city.It will be good for your lungs, but especially for your mind.

Repeat this routine every day, even if you do not feel like it at first.Your body and your brain will get used to it gradually. So that you will enjoy having your little moment of sun daily or a few minutes in the rain.

Make you think

The next time you want to go for it, give it up. Ask yourself how you would have done it at the time when the Internet did not exist. You will realize that he exist many alternatives without technological device.

Introspect and mature your opinion. Is it possible to get an answer without using Google? Is not it better to read a book from time to time?Do not let your brain rust!We will always live longer. So we have to stay as active as possible.

Swap series for books

Watching shows is a fun hobby. This should not become your only activity. If you like to escape and immerse yourself in new stories, try taking a book.Your sight will suffer less and your imagination will be strengthened.

Literature helps increase our creativity to increase.She develops a part of us who is very sleepy. Letting your inner child blossom is always an excellent choice.

Digital dementia is a scourge that affects more and more people.To fight it is easy. An effort is still necessary. Many people will tell you that they just want to lie on the couch and play with their mobile phone or watch a movie after a hard day's work.

The use of new technologies can become very dangerous. Try to spend time outdoors. At least an hour. Your body and your brain will thank you. And do not forget that limiting your use of technology devices does not have to isolate you from others if you do not want to.Real life is much more interesting than digital life.

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