5 keys to finding a job

5 keys to finding a job

Have you ever had to look for work? Today, work is a precious commodity, a kind of subsistence insurance in the absence of a steep slope on the shore. Moreover, it is because the job offers are below the demand, that the candidates in any position are generally more numerous than the number of vacancies offered.

Looking for a job is also good for our health. It has long been known that there is a negative relationship between unemployment and health. This relationship is supported by a large scientific bibliography. On the psychological level, work is a very precious area for us to realize and also to get in touch with others.

The effects of unemployment on health

The latest publications on the subject point out that Unemployment can be very harmful to our health (physical and mental). Here are some of the detrimental effects of a chronic job search while a person is not working:

An increase in mortality

There are a number of publications that relate unemployment to increases in general mortality. Thus, it was pointed out that the risk of death, whatever the cause, increases by 63% among the unemployed in the United States.


The link between unemployment and rising suicide rates has long been well established. Unemployment appears to be one of the risk factors for suicide in a large global study. A recent study shows that a 3% increase in unemployment in Europe will be accompanied by a 4.45% increase in the number of deaths by suicide.

A bad perception of our health

An analysis of the results of self-rated health surveys also suggests that unemployment affects people's perception of their health. A study evaluating self-reported health in Italian regions revealed that areas where the population said they were in poorer health coincided with regions with higher unemployment.

Poor mental health

Mental health problems are another condition associated with unemployment. Thus, among the unemployed, the presence of mood disorders would increase. Unfortunately, depression is at the top of the list in this regard.

An increase in alcohol consumption

Unemployment is the triggering factor of many dependencies, the spark that ignites the fuse. The person tries to escape from his own situation, with which he does not feel well, thus becoming more vulnerable to stimuli that offer a quick adrenaline rush, such as gambling, or that change the perception of reality, such as alcohol.

A study in the United States shows that alcohol consumption is increasing among the unemployed. According to a European study, a 3% increase in unemployment will lead to a 28% increase in the number of deaths from alcoholism. As we see, these are just a few representative examples of the negative effects of unemployment on our health. Therefore, it seems beneficial for our health to find work. But to find work, you have to look for it first.

5 keys to finding a job

One can imagine looking for work like building a building. Where are we going to start building it? It seems obvious that we have to start from scratch. If we do not build a good foundation or foundation, the building could collapse.

When it comes to looking for a job, the foundation is to get to know yourself. To answer questions such as: "What can we offer?", "Why would someone want to hire us?" Having clear answers will allow us to search in the right place and make clear and interesting proposals to companies, at the same time we will have the keys to complete our training or reorient ourselves while we search.

Get to know you

To get to know each other better at work, we can do a simple exercise. This exercise will help us get to know each other better and find out where we can improve.

The exercise consists of write down on a piece of paper our strengths and weaknesses. Examples of strengths: "I am organized", "I like listening to others", "I concentrate easily", etc. The same forces become weaknesses if we do not have any.

Work on your attitude

It is not easy to find work. Sometimes you feel like you're going, but you go back. Do not give up is fundamental. The positive attitude is acquired little by little and in our way we will find ups and downs.

It is very important to avoid negative thoughts, to smile, to value the little things … In addition, it is also important not to compare oneself to others.You are a unique and wonderful being.


They say that "whoever follows him gets it". This is especially true when it comes to looking for work. And it's that every goal we want to achieve requires an effort. The effort requires tenacity, constancy, insistence …

If we persevere, we will feel better about ourselves. One thing that helps persevere is to remember from time to time the benefits you will get when you find a job.

Be patient

Not being patient is bad for our mental health. Impatience can be frustrating and we can fall into a spiral of pessimism.

Patience training has multiple benefits. If we are patient in our search for work, we will persist in our efforts and the goal will always be closer.


Planning is as important as patience and perseverance. They say that looking for a job is a job in itself … and every job requires planning.

There is no point in implementing many unrelated actions because they will certainly not achieve the desired results. We need to build a method around job searchin which order and planning work in our favor.

And that's where the five keys come in to find a job. Of course, there are many others, but if you put these five elements into practice, you'll be a little closer to finding a job. In this sense, it is true that often what counts is to be in the right place at the right time, to meet someone in a company looking for workers. Therefore, social relationships are an important point in the job search.

In this sense, leave the shame behind and share your interest in finding a job with people you know in the industry. Even today, many positions are filled in this way, so that they are not even subject to a call for tenders. Businesses are looking for competent people, but also and often they put it first, they look for people they can trust, which is recommended.

Finally, if you are looking for a job, would you like all the luck of the world!

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