5 keys to express emotional pain

5 keys to express emotional pain

Expressing emotional pain has become unpopular. Although no human being escapes from it, the norm today is to reject suffering. The arms open for those who are "positive" and who have "good energies".Eyes and ears close for those who suffer, because it seems that pain is a contagious disease .

Human beings still experience suffering at some point. Some more than others, but we all feel it once.heEast therefore essential to have the opportunity to express emotional pain in such circumstances. To repress makes it stronger. Prevents it from being treated.

” If you are not able to change a situation that causes you pain, you can always choose the attitude with which you are suffering. "
-Viktor Frankl-
The problemis that often we do not know how to express emotional pain. We finally do not have the words to do it. They are also often not sufficient to mitigate this suffering. We offer you some keys that will allow you to manifest what you feel more effectively.

1. Express it out loud

Even if that does not seem to be the case, there is a big differencebetween thinking about pain and expressing it out loud. Thought is wrapped in words. We also maintain a constant internal dialogue. This however does not require a larger order or a precision of ideas.

An interesting process occurs when things are said aloud. Ideas must be ordered for the message to be coherent and understandable. They must also connect with facts, themselves specified, to make them understand. So that expressing them aloud promotes catharsis. It is not even necessary to tell another person. Just tell yourself. Wishing that you record it and you will listen.

2. Learn to relieve tension with relaxing activities

Suffering generates more tensionemotional. There is a feeling of discontent and discomfort that is hard to get rid of. It is also possible that we fall into states of extreme alertness or annoying numbness.

Nothing better than exercise to eliminate some of this emotional overload. Physical activity changes our focus. It also activates neuronal processes that induce a greater sense of well-being.

3. Explain, something fundamental to express emotional pain

Individuals have become very intolerant to the suffering of others. Expressing emotional pain to others is therefore sometimes very difficult. We do not want to disturb others. We do not want to feel rejected.It is nevertheless sometimes impossible, at least momentarily, to get rid of this dark mood.

The best thing in these cases is to explain to others the process we are going through.Let them see that we are going through a difficult time. That we can not escape automatically.That we must still treat what we feel. The others will thus have more elements to interpret what happens to us, without this leading to a conflict.

4. Avoid conflicts around how we feel

Suffering often leads us to be more irritable and sometimes intolerant.We sometimes fall into the temptation to channel our frustrations and discomfort by opposing others.

It is important to prevent this from happening. Indeed, such an attitude will only add weight to the situation we are experiencing.So it's important not to talk to anyone about anything. We could otherwise find ourselves in a conflict that will not be of any benefit to us. Better to avoid confrontations.

5. Keep a journal

The newspaper is a tool that has been used since antiquity for different purposes. One of them is to express emotional pain. Just as a reorganization of ideas is realized when we express our thoughts aloud,a new reorganization, deeper and more precise, is carried out through written language.

Writing is a path of catharsis. It gives us a new perspective.We see ourselves slightly from the outside when we read what we have written. It helps to better deal with emotions. Put everything in a rational framework. Sometimes provide a creative outlet for suffering.

All of these ways of expressing emotional pain are precious.Any option is better than staying silent, suppressing or defenseless in the face of pain. We must liberate it by all means at our disposal.To express it is the only way to treat it and overcome it.

Emotional pain, the anguish of our brain

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