5 keys to emotional emancipation

5 keys to emotional emancipation

Famous aviator Amelia Earhart said that "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". Do you consider yourself to be a person who can give more? If that is the case, you will certainly be interested in the main keys to emotional emancipation.

By evoking emotional emancipation, we refer to the process as part of personal knowledge. Through the latter, you will increase your ability to influence, that is to say your ability to create your true reality by reaching an optimal emotional state.

Keys to emotional emancipation

Feeling an optimal emotional state requires being able to enjoy a solid confidence based on a healthy self-esteem. If you feel this personal power, you know your values, your true personality and know that you have nothing to prove to anyone.

When a person enjoys an optimal emotional emancipation, she knows that she has in her hands an infinite range of possibilities. It simply establishes peer-to-peer relationships by being able to mark boundaries of consideration and respect between each.

If you have personal power and make good use of it, it will guide you methodically. When you have to make decisions, your intuition will be better and geared towards experimentation. You will be less easily influenced and will be able to breathe in the margins of the collective spirit that seems to have so much strength when we feel weak.

In this way, you will act according to your own values. Your emotions will have presence and your fears will be lessened. You will have control over your reactions and your moral state. Reaching this point and staying there is not easy, that's why we provide you with these keys.

"To manage, you have to use your head, to manage others, you have to use the heart."

-Eleanor Roosevelt-

Be aware of your power

Let's start by making an objective assessment of the range of action we can count on. For example, it will be easier to understand and manage emotions when they are very intense.

To reach this point, it is better to put aside the thoughts of the type "I am like that", "It is the law of the life" or "I was born like that". We all have the power to change and improve things if that's really what we want. It is without doubt our first and main power.

Find the balance

The following logical key to foster emotional emancipation derives from the previous one and requires find the balance emotionally.

Let's try to identify, and then reject, the attitudes, reactions and thoughts that keep us away from the people we love. For this, it is necessary to manage the complex balance allowing us to be flexible how we act. We are not looking for fragility, but rather the wisdom that will help us continually, based on gray nuances instead of identifying everything as white or black (polarized reasoning).

Detect opportunities for improvement

As if it were an emotional SWOT analysis, we must identify opportunities for improvement to better know ourselves as individuals. Let's think about what we like and what we do not like. Thus, we will be able to act in situations that make us feel good and can intervene when they do not suit us.

To reach this key, the best is still toanalyze our reactions to specific situations. It is worth investing time thinking about our attitudes to know what is holding us back and what, on the contrary, allows us to move forward.

To act

Now that we have analyzed the different opportunities for improvement, comes the time to act. Everything that can be improved to emancipate emotionally must be exploited. So, we will achieve the objectives proposed in order to reach the optimal state.

Evaluate and correct

Once we have put the improvement opportunities into practice, let's try to answer a question. Are we doing things right? If the answer is yes, it means we are going the right way. If the answer is negative, some corrections will have to be made using appropriate methods to achieve the proposed objectives.

We can observe the fact that emotional emancipation is not a simple path. These keys can help you but you must put them into practice personally.For this, you must offer the best of yourself to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in order to evaluate and advance without pressure, without pause, and in search of your optimal ego.

"In life, there is nothing to fear, you only need to understand."

-Marie Curie-

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