5 keys to be more creative

5 keys to be more creative

The great painter Vincent Van Gogh said that "if you listen to a voice in you that says 'you can not paint', then paint what comes to you and the voice will be silent". Unfortunately, the older we get, the more we make that voice silent. But we we can avoid this by following these keys to be more creative.

Many people confuse creativity with the ability to express ourselves artistically. However, creative thinking is much more complex, complete and positive than simple painting or architecture, to evoke a pair of common arts.

"Do not be afraid of perfection, you will never reach it."

-Salvador Dali-

What is creativity

According to the academy, creativity is the ability to produce something from scratch. It is also defined as the foundation or establishment of something for the first time. In the same way, we can refer to it by referring to the fact of giving life or generating something in the figurative sense.

However, this definition may be somewhat limited in terms of our understanding of creativity. Creative thinking is able to find different solutions to any type of problem.

Many people consider that they are not creative. They think they can not bring ideas that could transform the world. But it's obvious that it's not just a gift, it is an ability that must be trained, can be improved and strengthened.

Keys to be more creative

To understand well the keys to creativity and to know that this is a skill we can all have, the best is to talk to experts. In this article, we will know the opinion of two people who have demonstrated the fact that this ability is a great weapon. They are Juliana Garcia and German Ferruncho, from the famous advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. What do they propose to avoid the fear of creating?

Understand creativity

To understand creativity, they explain it through an example, a fantastic way to understand it. For that, they compare it to an electric current. If we have power, we have light, if not. With creativity, the same thing happens. If it exists, everything flows and everything evolves, otherwise everything stays as it is.

Imagine if one day a human being had not thought of using a wheel for easy transportation. Can you imagine how the world would be without this invention? This is real creativity.

Creativity has no exclusivity

Another key comes from exclusivity. As we mentioned earlier, creativity does not only apply to artists. Even in domestic chores we can find ways to make life easier, more comfortable, brief or entertaining if we are creative.

A very simple example brought by our creatives in this article staged a morning greeting. Do you imagine the consequences if you change it every morning? No doubt, such a simple gesture can allow you to change the whole course of your day.

This happens with everything you do. If you change your hairstyle, people will look at you differently. If you choose clothes that challenge, it will happen the same thing. In fact, simply changing your daily routine will make you more creative. It's so simple.

Let your ideas flow

The rain of ideas, otherwise called Brainstorming is a fundamental tool of creative people. Let your thoughts flow and turn them into ideas. It's a spectacular way to find inspiring spaces.

"Curiosity about life in all its aspects continues to be the secret of the most creative people."

-Leo Burnett-

Creativity trains

Obviously, some people are born more creative than others in the same way that some people have more intellectual abilities or have better mathematical or spatial reasoning. But that does not mean we can not train or improve our artistic, scientific, etc. skills.

You have to think of the imagination as a muscle requiring a gym daily. If we go out of the usual and routine patterns, our whole world will become more entertaining and will become a more inspiring space.

Avoid pre-established installed thoughts

Generally, we grow and develop in a specific cultural environment. Traditions, religion, customs, ideology … all this can push us to comply and prevent us from leaving our comfort zone.

If we think of our world as a rigid structure, we will hardly think creatively. We must be careful with the thoughts that "catch" us excessively since they prevent us from leaving the repetitive comfort of the schemes.

You should not say that you can not. If you do not try, you certainly will not be able to. With these keys to be more creative, we can all find new ways of thinking that will help us find solutions to any problem that, until today, was not imagined to be valid. Try !

In search of creativity

Creativity is not a mystery, nor a "riddle wrapped in an enigma", as Winston Churchill said. It's even less a gift … Read More "
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