5 keys to be happy at work

5 keys to be happy at work

Even if we like our work, it is not uncommon for moments to existgenerating a sense of oppression and exhaustion. The commitments, responsibilities and limitations inherent in the job can be stressful. However, we can be happy at work, even when we do not like him very much.

A constructive attitude and a high level of motivation contribute to make us feel better in the workplace.We may wish more, but there are ways to take a perspective that allows us to focus on all the positive things that come with it.

" When the travail is a pleasure, life is beautiful. But when it is imposed on life, it is slavery. “

-Maxime Gorky

Being happy at work is a real treasurefor life.Work is one of the spaces where we spend the most time. It is from him that some of our projects depend and, ultimately, our well-being. We will present here some of these keys helping to transform work into a better experience. Here are five of them.

1. Focus on the present

Many problems, especially those associated with stress and anxiety, exist more in the mind than in reality. They are born of negative expectations about what might happen in the future. For example, imagine difficulties that have not yet appeared. Imagine negative events that have not happened yet or terrible results that do not necessarily have to happen.

All this generates a very important psychological wear. It is impossible to be happy at work. On the contrary. The working environment is transformed into a place of anxiety because we always fear the worst.The solution is to focus on the presentDeal only with the task of the day. The consequences will also be positive if we succeed.

2. Collaborate with others to be happy at work

The best way to help ourselves is to help others. Being sensitive to the needs and problems of others enriches us as human beings. It also helps us to get out of this egocentric bubble that brings only malaise.

If our goal is to achieve positive things for others, we will certainly be happy at work. And in the other areas in which we are involved. We will gradually notice that others will be more kind and understanding towards us. This will significantly improve the work climate and our days will be filled with a special energy.

3. Learn to rest

One of the most common problems among workers is the lack of balance between their work and rest. Breaks are as important or more important than tasks.A tired person is not productive. She is also more inclined to make mistakes and neglecting important details. She is also less creative and precise in her appreciations.

When we are tired, we do in one hour which would take us half the time. We also fall easily into bad mood.We must therefore constantly combine work and rest. During the day with active breaks and when not working outside the work day.

4. Valorize and thank

Being happy at work is easier if we takeevery daya minute to think, before starting the day.Giving value to our work and thinking about its benefits, both for us and for the rest of the world, allows us to change the perspective.

We certainly have many reasons to be grateful every day that we work. Simply having the ability to do our work is already a reason for gratitude. The opportunity to generate income for ourselves and for many other people. When we buy bread, we help others have work and livelihoods. Never forget to thank.

5. Create "a nest"

It's easier to motivate ourselves when we make our workplace a nice place. We should personalize as much as possible the objects around us. Let's print our personal touch and we will surely feel better.

It is also necessary to create our own "nests" of rest. These are places or special situations to take refuge in our free time.Environments that free you from responsibilities and concerns.

Being happy at work is a blessing.Happiness, however, does not appear alone. We usually need to create the conditions for it to emerge. We will have taken a giant step in building our well-being if we succeed.

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