5 films that invite reflection

5 films that invite reflection

Movies are able to awaken any emotion in us. They make us happy, make us cry (of sadness or laughter), inspire us … Now, we normally look at them to disconnect or spend time. But if we learn to take advantage of their power,they can turn into our best allies to develop our full potential.

In today's article, you'll find five inspiring films. The next time you need to see something inspiring or motivating, consider watching them! But be sure to see them with an open mind to appreciate everything they transmit.

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What would happen if you could totally erase someone from your past from your memory? Who has not wondered whether it would be better not to remember one of his ex? This is precisely the premise of the first of our thought-provoking films. In the latter, the protagonistchooses to eliminate her ex girlfriend from her memories so she does not miss him.

However, as this often happens in real life,things are not so simple for Jim Carrey's character.After having crossed her again by chance, but without remembering who she was, both begin a new love story that will make you think for days.

2. An endless day

Phil Connors, the TV presenter for a local television channel, is scheduled to cover the events taking place on Groundhog Day. However, for unknown reasons,he finds himself stuck in time and has to relive the same day, again and again.

At first, the protagonist feels a lot of negative emotions such as sadness or fear … Then, little by little, he realizes that he mustmake the most of your situation.He begins to quickly change some of his actions to make the most of Groundhog Day.

This film canto help us realize the impact that small decisions can have on our daily lives.In the end, our actions and thoughts determine the kind of life we ​​live. Why not intervene in this process consciously?

3. Interstellar

Another film that invites reflection is Interstellar. This is a feature filmwhich mixes science, topical issues and very human problemsduring almost three hours of intensity.

This film invites us to reflect on themes such as friendship, family, loneliness … But also to our responsibility towards the planet, the conquest of space and the future of humanity. All this with a fast pacewhich will not let you take your eyes off the screen.

4. V for Vendetta

The adaptation to the big screen of a book or a comic strip is seldom very successful. However, the cinematic version of Alan Moore's graphic novelhas turned into a real mass phenomenon.His ideas even gave shape to a social movement in the real world.

The film follows the footsteps of V, a mysterious characterwho wants to end the oppression of the tyrannical government of the United Kingdom.In this dystopian world, the country is plunged into a tyranny and the protagonist wants citizens to regain their freedom. And no matter the price to pay.

V for Vendetta is without a doubt one of the best movies to think about. After seeing it,you will surely think about themes like freedom, courage, sacrifice and government control.This is a feature film that has become a real classic.

5. Fight Club

The last movie on the list is behind one of the most repeated phrases of recent times:"We buy things we do not want, with money we do not have, to impress people we do not even like."Here is the main subject of the plot:the breaking of social expectations and the decision to do what we really want.

However, instead of putting these issues in a positive light,Fight Club in a rather obscure way.Nothing is left out in the film: violence, death and madness are present from beginning to end.

This list of thought-provoking films is by no means complete: there is a multitude of cinematographic works that will make you think in almost inevitable ways. Nevertheless, with these five names,you have a good starting point!

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