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5 famous sentences of Alfonsina Storni

Alfonsina Storni is a poet and Argentine writer of postmodernism. His life, as hard as it is exciting, impregnates his poems with a particular sensibility. In this article, we have compiled for you some of her most famous phrases, allowing us to remember Alfonsina Storni as a reference author for the feminist movement.

Alfonsina's rebellion against the oppression of women at that time was noted as much in his works as in his activism ; indeed, Storni participated in campaigns for sexual education in schools and defended women's right to vote in Argentina. Undoubtedly, all this left a trace. The following sentences, some of the most famous of Alfonsina Storini, not only give us an idea of ​​what his life was, but also bring us closer to his particular vision of the world.

1. Every little man

В "В Every little man who is imprisoning me, I say 'very little' because you do not understand me, and you will never understand, nor do I understand you, as you open the doors of this cage Г I want you to escape. "Every little man, I loved you for half an hour, do not ask me any more.В В"

This first sentence of the most famous of Alfonsina Storni that we present to you in this article captures our attention because of the adjective that it uses to describe a man. In her own words, she points out that this qualifier refers to a certain lack of understanding, moreover, reciprocal. However, she mentions something more: a cage.

Alfonsina, in this sentence, criticizes the relationship a woman can maintain with a man by comparing it to a cage. A cage where possessiveness and control is important, and whose key is the property of the man. The author thus highlights here her need to escape, then making use of this freedom then conquered.

2. To die or not to die

В "В You have one desire: to die, and one hope: do not die.В В"

This second sentence shows the paradox that can be observed in a person when she wants to die, and at the same time live. Alfonsina considered that death was a choice that allowed her to access the free will from which she benefited.

The pain that Alfonsina felt after she was diagnosed with breast cancer left her with far deeper psychological and physical injuries. She became isolated from others, her depression became worse and she began to write subtly about suicide, an option that unfortunately she eventually chose.

3. Means to fly

В "В What worlds do I have in my soul where I have long been asking for ways to fly? В В"

In this sentence, the author affirms this feeling of freedom which grows in her and which at the same time gives her a different point of view of the society in which she lived then. In this sense, the means are what they are, which is why it claims means to fly.

Alfonsina's activism was driven by its inner strength and by this need to deviate from certain norms that it considered as chains imposed by the society. ©. Whether it is because of his writings or his actions whatever they may have been, Alfonsina Storni remains a true "literary hero" B "who has always fought for what she believed.

4. Go slowly

В "В Spring, making way for the next season, leaves behind autumn mists … Small, go slowly, make up your mind, and do not let your flames burn you.В В"

Alfonsina had a strength of character and a temperament such that it even refused to the medical treatment proposed to him to fight against his cancer after the received diagnosis. Its reaction is explained by an error of diagnosis: he had been talked about a benign tumor, whereas in reality the situation was much more serious.

The author was aware that her impulses could have serious consequences; the lesson that we can all apply ourselves. Indeed, how often do we act without thinking, quickly, and eventually regret it?

5.Men who do not cry

В "В The men of my race have never cried, they are steel.В В"

The last of the famous sentences of Alfonsina Storni which we wished to speak to you in this article makes special mention of the society of the time. Even if nowadays it continues to prevail this norm consisting of thinking that the men must be strong and hide their emotions by putting aside their sensitivity, which is certain, is that we are closer today to move us away from it because of the growing consciousness that awakens in that sense.

Alfonsina speaks В "В steelВВ with some irony to insist on the absurd side of the situation. This pressure stemming from the fact that man must always be strong, especially in the face of such a humane and useful emotion as sadness.

So, which one of those famous phrases by Alfonsina Storni is the one that has marked you the most? This author invites us to think about a wide variety of topics, much more related to freedom, and to others, where the way of thinking of Alfonsina remains completely Discovered. Do you know this author? Have you read some of his poems? Here is one of our favorites below!

I am

When I idolize, I am sweet and melancholy,
I can catch the sky with my hand when
The soul of the other to mine I tie.
You could not find a softer lung.
Nobody kisses their hands as I know how to do it,
Neither huddles as well as I do in a chimera,
Neither does fit in another body, any small,
A human soul so delicate.
I die on the eyes, on pardons,
Like live birds, a moment,
Beat wings under my white fingers.
I know the phrase that lies and who understands,
And I know how to shut up when high in the sky the moon is stretching,
Huge and red on the furrows.

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