5 characteristics of the influencers

5 characteristics of the influencers

With new technologies, communication has multiplied its channels. We can convey what we mean in different ways. Initially, we could do it only through messages, but today we can even express our gestures thanks to elaborate emoticons. An unbeatable way to show what you feel when you do not have the person you are talking to, or you dare to talk face to face.

Thus, with this new form of communication have also arisen ways to capture the attention of others. One of them is digital marketing: through different advertising strategies, we try to make sure that potential consumers buy the products that companies want to sell. So, through communication on social networks, companies act by making propaganda.

Gold, A new form of reaching the masses has emerged today: the influencers. This method is used by agencies in the digital world to promote their products, but also to convey messages of motivation and personal development, or simply to show life experiences.

"The only permanent thing in advertising is change."


The influencers are creative

Generally, influencers are creative and original people. Thanks to their ingenuity, they manage to catch our attention. Thus, they accumulate the followers who want to know their least facts and gestures. Through videos, photos and comments, they capture our interest because they present us with wonderful ideas in an original way.

So, the influencers become in many cases the very powerful spokespersons of certain ideas or interests. They pay attention to what they say, but most of all, to how they say it. They know that their audience will seek to recognize them in their way of expressing themselves, that which makes them so characteristic.

Creativity among influencers is as important as their intelligence to adapt to their current and potential audience. Ultimately, what they seek to do is generate ever-increasing communication, so that the public does not disconnect and continues to monitor their activity.

Trust: essential characteristic for influencers

Many influencers can count on the trust of their followers. This is something that is familiar to the companies hiring them to promote their products. They hope that followers will follow the path and recommendations to influence it, or even be aware that their message is motivated by a commercial interest. In this sense, what many influencers say in order not to lose credibility and continue to sign contracts is that they only recommend products they liked.

It's curious, but that's how it works. For example, we tend to give greater credibility to people who have had success or who are beautiful. Finally, it should be noted that the more followers an influencer has, the more followers will be able to follow his recommendations, including his consumption recommendations. It is very easy to think: "if so many people follow him, it's probably what he says is good or true".


Influencers are assertive, because they know their rights and those of others, and they transmit the information taking into account these principles (or in any case they associate this character trait to their image). Assertiveness allows them to communicate what they want in an effective wayso effective that followers end up following their advice. They promote and take care of this quality because:

  • It allows them to feel powerful
  • It increases their sense of well-being
  • It improves communication
  • It allows them to control the medium more easily
  • It improves relationships with followers

Assertiveness, this appearance of freedom and strength in the face of the possible determining agents, is one of the qualities that distinguishes them the most. We say to ourselves "who could follow someone who he thinks he is saying only what others say?" the independence of criteria and opinions, manifested through assertiveness, is one of the qualities attributed to influencers.


The image projected by the influencers also includes that of responsibility. A responsibility that combines commitment and identification with the message. Followers generally think that the influence is fully aware of everything he says and says it because it will not hurt anyone who does not deserve it.

On the other hand, responsibility also generally shines on influencers not only as part of their image, but also in the form of organization and commitment. Just as influencing it has an audience that follows it, he also grew up feeling doubtful about this audience. Generally, influencers are aware that the income they perceive derives precisely from their viewers.


Influencers have a facility, either natural or acquired through experience and work, to bond with others. Thus, companies see followers as consumers, but also consider the ability of influencers to bond with others as a way to keep followers and gain new ones.

Sociability helps them to:

  • Earn more followers: they have a great facility to bind themselves to others.
  • Being empathic: most influencers are able to connect with others and put themselves in their place.

All these qualities allow them to bond with each other. In this sense, they are usually very adept at understanding cultural patterns and interpreting news, as well as the needs of their followers.

Being an influencer is not an easy thing. This requires time, effort and dedication, but a gradual process in which to gain the trust and interest of those who are initially a potential audience. In this sense, if it is difficult to achieve, maintaining the same activity and the same success with followers in the long term is even more so. In fact, many do not support this pressure and end up trying to escape the notoriety that they have sought so much to reach. Behind a scenario where the actors move, it is about a "profession" being translated by an obscure way filled with fantasies against which one must know how to fight.

"The influence of one person's life on that of another is incalculable."

-Ralph Bunche-

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