5 beautiful Filipino proverbs

5 beautiful Filipino proverbs

Filipino proverbs are the result of an enormous multiculturality.Recall that more than 80 communities live in the Philippines. Each of them has its own dialect and culture. The national culture is therefore extremely varied. However, common elements exist.

The Philippines has been influenced by very different societies: the Spanish society, the Chinese society, the American society and the Malaysian society.Thus, a multicolored impact of other latitudes added to the diversity of local cultures. Filipino proverbs perfectly reflect these multiple influences.

"A broom is sturdy because its hairs are securely tied."

-Philippine proverb

The family and the woman as the center of everything are two of the great values ​​of Filipino society. This is an element common to the majority of subcultures.It is also an environment where respect for tradition and kindness occupy a preferential place.Here are five Philippine proverbs that allow us to discover this culture.

1. One of the Filipino proverbs about adaptation

One of the oldest Filipino proverbs says the following:"If your sheet is too small, learn how to warm yourself".This means that we have to adapt to circumstances because they will not adapt to us.

This is a beautiful message because one of the great virtues of life is precisely knowing how to adapt. Nothing in life is made to our measure.We must always put our own to adapt to this reality.

2. A lot of noise for nothing

Many Filipino proverbs and other countries around the world emphasize the idea thatthe charlatans always try to be noticed.True wisdom is more discreet and does not need to boast to be perceived.

This beautiful Filipino proverb refers to this idea:"an empty box makes noise".This means that very often what attracts our attention or is more conspicuous is not necessarily more valuable. The essences are silent and appearances make a lot of noise. You must not be trapped by the sound of sirens.

3. Many paths lead to the same point

Even though our society is obsessed with speed, some processes take time.It is not possible to reduce their duration because each reality has its own dynamics. We sometimes despair because we would like everything to happen at once. We forget, however, that everything ends up being done, in one way or another, at the most just moment.

A proverb reminds us of this idea. He states the following:” It does not matter if the procession is long, it will always end at the church. " This means that the paths are sometimes long. But if they go to a specific point, they will always lead to it. This is a call to perseverance.

4. The trees that give fruits

This beautiful Filipino proverb is also a beautiful metaphor of great depth. He says: "We often climb in the tree that gives fruits".It looks a lot like a Western proverb that says: "We only throw stones at the tree that bears fruit. "The meaning is more or less the same.

This statement means thatthe people or the realities that really bring something in are often the object of criticism or aggression.Whoever takes initiatives or suggests new ideas is often rejected or questioned. It also means that the most productive people are the most sought after.

5. Abundance and deficiency

Abundance and deficiency generate extremely revealing reactions in people. Curiously, in times of plenty, people become more demanding and difficult. On the other hand,in times of deficiency, greater value is given to simple things.

This is precisely what a Filipino proverb reminds us. According to him,"There is nothing bitter about a person who is hungry".In conditions of need and hunger, only humility and simplicity matter.

All these Filipino proverbs show us thatthe different popular cultures of the world have adopted a kind of consensus linked to the most important values.Even though they are very different societies, we can clearly see that they are similar to ours ethically.

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